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3-cut abstract sig


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Well yeah good job, but don't you think the colours are a bit dull?




You CAN [not you have to] adjust them a bit with the following technique.




First you have to make sure your signature is in Black&White. If it's still coloured, you can go to Image -> Adjustments -> Desaturate. After this, you go to Image -> Adjustments -> Colour Balance, and you choose a nice colour [let's say red]. Just make the midtones kinda red, but not too much.


Then you make another Colour Balance layer, that has more yellowish colours. Now you select your 'Red' Colour Balance layer, go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds. You will see in your layers palette that the little box next to your CBlayer has clouds in it, and the colours in your sig will be less 'strong'. Now do the same to your 'Yellow' CBlayer, now you have a nice result.




Hope it helped you =P





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