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i need money making help


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In free to play money making is severly limited, due to autoes yew trees have become very crowded and are not the best form of money making. Mining coal @ the miners guild or ironand banking does work, however can become exceptionally boring. Making steel bars @ al kharid also allows for extra profit. You could try your hand @ merchanting. However too everybody now days seems to be merchanting. Fishing lobs and selling them raw or swordies and selling tehm to pkers is another option. I find that rc airs makes alot of money, selling them @ 20 ea. escpecilly as your rc lvl increases or running airs on i think world 18?or 16?.

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egamer"]thanx alot i think ill do the airs cause i can get bout 112 each run but where would be a good place to sell them at?




Forums or just busy banks.

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Sell steel bars which is real easy money if you have access to mining guild. Steel bars should sell at about 500-600 per

Strangely with WotLK so near, I wished I could delay it a bit to push through that last TBC content in MH/BT :'(.

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