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The randomness of luck...

Guest mmortalone

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Guest mmortalone

So im ranging in the ogre enclave, at the greaters, and I range for about 5k irons,im having terrible luck, and FINALLY get a rune helm after hoping i'd get 1 per 1000 irons.




so then the next greater, i get a visitor "Ah, Xaeliath, you'll do" its a maze.




complete the maze...took me awhile...long maze...got 1k more irons from that and coins 8-)




then, as luck will have it, the next demon dropped a clue scroll :)








That's about how random I've ever had luck be :)

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well, today i know is my lucky day, so i am going to invest all my cash in a stock that has a share value of $10 per share....you just wait.




so i ussually know when im gonna get lucky

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My best luck was probably when I got a clue from a Jelly. It was the first one I killed on that day and I got a nice clue :)






The reward was 2 Rune plates, some firelighters, a Rune Battle axe...






... Oh and a Robin Hood hat. That was a great night :shock:




^^ Support it or get confused by pixel-mess :D

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