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Big shark :O


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a big shark is one that you can get stuffed in canafis and hang in your skill hall in your home




its rare and untradable


~hawt Knight of the Void~


Barrows drops: 3. veracs brassard, torags hammers & dharoks greataxe (double drop)

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I hate to break it to ya mate.. :wall:




That rare shark may sit in your inventory for a long while if you are not at least level 76 in Construction.


Kalphite queen heads are mountable at lvl 78! As if you can fight her that many times!!!




It took me over two days fishing for my Tuna 'Lunker' to appear.




These 'whoppers' are in fact rare, but useless in-game unless you are a millionaire (especially to get to level 76)..









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