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  1. I am that guy, who wear havaji shirt :oops: Anyone like my camel hat?
  2. Good guide for noobs, but there is some new information for me.. Cabbage.. Now i know, where i can find it. Great guide, good work :)
  3. Just sell em shop, do not waste any bs for em
  4. Sounds like my trying get spices :) It take severals hours, but wont give up! You got it sooner, or later :)
  5. Jagex should fix old problems (bank system) first, before give new quests/skills. I wonder, why they wont do anything for it :uhh:
  6. Have anybody some move-first-this-and-then-this guide for em? I really hate em, i hate em so much! I just do one puzzle, tree and its take me over hour, i was so happy and i was get some news clue and then was (guess what) another puzzle! Casttle this time. They i are so hard for me (lol, and this game is for kids) and i need some really good help about em, anybody got some guide or usefull tips? Thanks Oh, and Jagex guys, if you read this, i can say, puzzles is not fun, no they are painfull part of this game
  7. Hmmm... Where is these warnings etc. got guy with red flag, so thats mean, thats was last warning? I dont know then, what he have do, or who muted him
  8. Thank you, and all peoples who help :)
  9. Sorry my bad english, but yeah, my lovely sweden friend, i mean my friend, who own low lvl charter, got muted, so he cannot talk. So, i need tip, how it can unmuted, just say to jagex, sorry or something?
  10. Charter got muted, so what i can do, that unmuted? Anything to do? Thanks for help :) And i dont know, how its muted, because it is my...hmmm..some noob friend, who i know, charter
  11. Uh.. Old was cool, i feel so nostalg, when i look these monsters.. KGB was higher monster to rs..huh :)
  12. Yeah, put my name to list 8) Osmo1234 I was some 2 month to f2p and i see, how painfull it was, when i was small bank.. :boohoo:
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