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  1. Been killing monsters for like 30 minutes now and only have 15 Valentine Hearts. This is just Jagex saying BUY MORE SPINS PLEASE!
  2. Not going to work. Everyone has to start from scratch, it's not like you can log in and start PKing again (main reason most people want to play the old version). Plus, all the prices are going to be so high. Imagine the first batch of whips being sold for tons of money. Money hardly anyone has because they're here for some "old skool pking", not skilling. Plus, the community won't be the same as 5-6 years ago. Stop living in the past and go with the changes. And Jagex, invest your time and money in the current version.
  3. Already got 4 of them from Ogres.
  4. Gratz, I literally killed thousands of them without getting one. Share your luck please.
  5. That doesn't make sense at all, lmao. Just because you don't train combat you have no life? Even when you put in just as much work as the average combat player? Anyways, I used to play on a level 3 skiller myself, and had a lot of fun in that time. I met a lot of great friends, which is still have until this day. It made the game a lot more exciting and challenging for me. Also the shock factor was a nice plus. I don't see why you have to bring down players that want to be a level 3 skiller. It's their choice, just play your own game, and let others play theirs.
  6. Just transfer some more cash. Or did you "merchant" all of that? *Puts on flame-resistant clothing*
  7. Exactly, and I can't make the map again I think. :(
  8. I completed Legends ages ago, and dropped all the quest related items. But now I want Holy Water, is that still possible? If so, how?
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