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Every time I try to add a personally made dynamic signature into my, well, signature, it comes up with this:


Impossible to control the image size of: http://www.cwolf2.net/sigs/04/blue/lt%20wolfe.png"


Either there is no image at this address or the forum can not control it, so you can't use it.




The image isn't big, it's right here:




But for whatever reason, it can't be "controlled." And because of that, it's not very well liked. I'd just like to ask what is wrong with these forums that would cause this.




EDIT: Same with this image:



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To save the mods trouble there is a modification to the board which monitors the details of signatures such as dimensions and filesize. If the board software can't retrieve these details then the signature file isn't allowed.




Try saving in a different format.

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If that is the case, then why does viewing the image properties show you the dimensions? As well, I have saved it in both .png and .gif formats, so why is it still not working?




I can't really "save' the image, as it's dynamic, and it's not meant to be saved, so what am I doing wrong here? And how can I set the dimensions for the image?

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For some reason or another , the server the image is hosted is on is blocking the connection when our script attempts to read the image dimensions.




the thing I dont understand is why a runecrypt sig is being loaded from cwolf2.net in the first place :?

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I work there, and I am working on the script for it. It's in developement stages. I could have it say "this is Lt Wolfe's sig" if you really wanted to, but I figured the "c)wolf2.net" thing kind of did that anyways.




My server is open to any scripts calling on the image, so I don't see where it could be blocking anything. Would you know of any solution to this problem perhaps? Or maybe even just knowing what it's blocking specifically?




EDIT: There ya go, the second sig there even says "This is Lt Wolfe's sig." heh. Just to prove that it is indeed mine, you can go to here if you'd like.

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