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FOR ALL YOU RS FANS!! (A must see)


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Sorry but such website advertising isn't allowed, you can post the link in the Off Topic sticky. This board is for pics rating only so let's not go off topic with websites. There's a fake so this is not spam (removed earlier spam). For everyone else, if you think there's spam, don't just post there's spam, report it to a mod please.


Pixel sigs by me.

Pixel Art

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i don't appreciate the harassment. like i said, i make no money off that


site. and advertising is promoting to the public to make money. so i'm


technically not advertising. i get no hassels from modthesims2.com about


mentioning my author site. but all the RS forums get bent out of shape


about it.

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pretty good


i like the fact that u changed the total lvl too ( i totalled it all lol )


tyvm, at least some1 appreciates my joke.




doesnt look convincing around him theres pink edges.. on skills page the icons are simple 2-3 colours at most yours are wayyyy too many + the fact your just standing in the bank nothings happening...




eg fletching you see a log in your hand

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