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Lt's becoming a member... and he has goals

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ok im becoming a member tomarrow for 1 month and i have a few goals i will take pics and try to post them on here here are the lists of my goals and what i wanna do when i get members...




Get A Whip [ ] < if ur willing to sell one i have money








Attack 70/70/75


Strength 70/70/80


Defense 65/65/75


Range 56/56/65


Mage 66/66/70


Agility 42/42/60


Herblore 11/11/40


Thieving 35/35/60


Fletching 46/46/70


Slayer 18/18/60


Fishing 75/75/76


Cooking 75/75/80




Do You Think This Is Doable? im always willing to stay on all day and all night Free Bumps and Supports are appreciated. Cheer me on ill need it lol you can add me in game if u want RSN:Lt Shibby


I am accepting advice too if you have any.




Doom Leader1




Lord Bunkie

for those who don't speak 'Irritated Baboon with Aids' i'll attempt to translate:

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It is absolutely doable, with the right amount of effort. I'd get 60 slayer asap and train the rest of the neccesary combat with pest control.


Skills like cooking, fishing and fletching are easy and shouldn't be a problem.

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