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Iron Mining Location(s) - P2P


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Where is the best spot to mine iron contrast to a bank?




East varrock is pretty good on p2p, due to low numbers.




Any other spot that has a slightly shorter walking distance?




If so, please share. While we're at it, share coal mining spots you know of that are closest to a bank and where your favorite mining spot is, period.

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Yanille northen mine- best mining spot for banking.




Dorgeshun mines-best power mining spot.




durgeshuun is wrost powermining spot nowher ein the mine enogu rocks close together


i tihnk the iron mein clsoe to swan song vilalg 10 times better 3 rocks aroudn1 spot

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It's not the best powermining spot because of the prozimity of the rocks, but because you can get rid of them really easily. Also, west of Falador is quite close to a bank, as is Yanille.

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