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Question about seeds


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While is was killing trolls today (slayer task) i collected quite a few seeds.


Im not much of a farmer myself so can someone please tell me what




a) belladonna seeds


B) mushroom spore


c) irit seeds


d) rannar seeds


e) kuarm seeds


f) dwarf weed seeds




are worth.




(sorry if this is in the wrong place. i didnt quite know where to put it.)

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Use Help & Advice forum next time you have a question




As for the prices...




a) 1 - 3k


B) 2.5 - 5k


c) 1.8 - 2.5k


d) 20 - 24k


e) 5 - 8k


f) 5 - 9k




Hope this helps you out


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a) belladonna seeds - not a lot (little used)


B) mushroom spore - not a lot (little used)


c) irit seeds - varies, good for super attack potion


d) rannar seeds - 10-20k


e) kuarm seeds - varies


f) dwarf weed seeds - varies





I wrote the prices in, but the varying ones totally depend on how much you got, and how much the buyer wants em :)

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