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Making tip it forum members map


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* If this not allowed or break any rules that I don't aware of please don't flam and just remove the topic *




Any one know the web-site http://www.frappr.com/ ?


it is cool web-site that you can make a map of the world and every one can add themself to the map acording to thier location. so if you member in map/group you can see other people members and thier location on the globe.




I made a map for tip it members:




feel free to join.

Visit my web-site http://www.saam007.com.

Where you can find: Runescape Home Designer, Runescape Farming Tool, Runescape Sudoku Solver and how to pay membership while playing.

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I added myself on it o.O




I'm teh Scottish one.

Dragon Drops: 3 Left Halves, 5 Plateskirts, 3 Platelegs, 1 D2H, 7 Axes, 15 Boots, 1 D Med

GWD Team Drops: 1 Saradomin Hilt, 4 Saradomin Swords, 4 Zamorakian Spears, 1 Bandos Chestplate, 2 Bandos Tassets, 7 Shards, 2 Steam Battlestaves

GWD Solo Drops: 1 Bandos Hilt, 1 Bandos Chestplate, 1 Shard

Abyssal Whips: 10

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Yeah sorry but the locations given by people can be too specific. We try to protect people's personla information for their own good here.


Hope you understand :)

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