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  1. I have a very similar setup, it's quite easy to do actually. I also have a Nvidia graphics card so assuming you graphics card has the capability to dual screen you should probably be able to set it up the same way I did it. So go ahead an hook everything up then.... Start -> Control Panel -> NVIDIA Control Panel........ Under Display (On the left) -> Set up multiple displays I think it pretty self explanatory from there, but if it helps I have mine set up as 'Configured independently from each other (Dualview)' then in the drop down box make sure that the primary monitor is listed first. Mine says LM02 + LG Electronics (Monitor + TV). Hope that helps.
  2. Serious security flaw found in Internet Explorer. Microsoft is investigating a serious security flaw present in all versions of Internet Explorer (though only IE7 seems to have been affected thus far) which allows an attacker to take hold of a persons computers and steal their passwords. Experts at Trend Micro have advised switching to another browser, at least until the problem is fixed. Have you been effected by this flaw? If there are still any IE users out there, what are your thoughts on switching? (Please don't turn this into a flaming IE SuCKS!!!1!!11!1 post, theres millions of other places on the web if you wanna do that)
  3. I'm doing my final year uni project on Ubuntu and it is very frustrating, it crashed for no reason yesterday and I almost lost my entire hard drive (I have a dual boot Vista/Ubuntu 8.04 computer). I was pretty pissed off to say the least. The most annoying thing is finding drivers for your hardware, for instance I had a USB wireless adapter which took me about a week to find the driver for, then I had to download the software so Linux could use it, which is pretty difficult when you don't have internet. I ended up buying a 30m Ethernet cable. In all I can see why people like it, but it is definitely not a simple as installing it and off you go, so be prepared that you will probably get very pissed off at some point.
  4. Gah! Beat me to it! lol. Though I can verify that this does fix the Java plugin problem. :thumbsup:
  5. I quite like it, definitely an improvement on St. Anger.
  6. I wouldn't count on it, he's probably learnt to keep his mouth shut after the whole Napster thing.
  7. Absolutely EPIC festival this year. :thumbsup: Me and my friend Nikki got backstage (of the dance tent) with Alkaline Trio and the Gallows etc. was frigging awesome! We didn't even have backstage wristbands, just Arena crew ones. The guy guarding the backstage entrance wasn't a security guard, he was from the Customer assistant team, I presume he was just covering someones break. lol. He wasn't sure if we were allowed but he let us in anyway. :lol: That's drunken confidence for ya. 8-) I'll post some pictures when they get added onto Facebook. Favourite band there was definitely Does It Offend You, Yeah? for me, but it was always going to be. lol. Then probably Justice and Alkaline Trio. I got absolutely mangled in the pit for Pendulum, it was so hot in the tent it was insane, good fun though :D Can't wait till next year, definitely gonna work there again as the perks of the job were awesome! lol
  8. Its been leaked! There's nothing more I can say other than what's already in this NME article! http://www.nme.com/news/metallica/39463 Lar$ will not be happy! :lol:
  9. A very strange bug I just found out about from a friend. [hide=Warning causes browser (all tabs) to crash!]Type :% (colon percent) into the address bar[/hide] Pretty random huh? :lol:
  10. Just downloaded it and I have to say I am very impressed. It is very fast and it imports all your Firefox settings on setup, which is a bonus. :thumbsup: Great work Google!! I don't know if I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I think this is definitely the browser benchmark from now on. :o
  11. I would appreciate your help if you could give advice on common set ups? Please PM me if you can help. :thumbsup:
  12. The guide is almost complete, I'm just researching set-ups at the moment but its quite difficult as I'm a complete noob when it come to PvP :x
  13. I'm gonna make this pencil disappear... :o Awesome film, I think it was a bit too long though. Those 2 1/2 hours really did feel like it.
  14. Hey everyone, just thought I'd repost this thread since its just over 2 weeks to the festivals. The original thread seems to have been lost in the great forum fires of a few months ago. If anyone remembers I wasn't going because I couldn't get a ticket. The key word in that last sentence is "wasn't" :thumbsup: I've managed to get a job at Reading festival as a Green messenger (Yes I'm a traitor to Leeds now :( ) but at least I get to see all the bands for free! I don't even have to work on performance days! \ [hide=In case anyone doesn't know this years line up][/hide] I can't wait to see Rage, QOTSA, Bloc Party, Metallica, Tenacious D, Pendulum, Justice and my favourite band Does It Offend You, Yeah? it's there homecoming too, so it should be awesome!!!! Is anyone else here going? Who you looking forward to seeing?
  15. You remember Zonghui being top of the overall hi-scores, and Piranha being top of mining. That's my earliest memory of Runescape anyway. I added Piranha to PM him/her for free stuff, for some reason I actually though he/she would :wall: lol
  16. Found an answer to my own question :http://browsershots.org offers to test a webpage on loads of different browsers and loads of different resolutions! I guess this can be locked :XD:
  17. Hi everyone, I am currently building website which I have designed on a 1024 x 768 resolution. I am looking for a way to see what the website looks like on higher resolutions (i.e. 1280 × 960 etc) to see if there are any issues. Does anyone know of any websites or programs that can do this? I don't have access to any other computer with a higher resolution than 1024 x 768 so I won't be able to simple to simply test it that way. Thanks
  18. Thagern I thank you immensely for all your had work and persistence!!! =D> Looks like it all has finally paid off!! \
  19. Bank update!!!!! :D :thumbsup: and all other happy emotes!
  20. I found the answer to this in the KB article of all places #-o Cheers for your post though, I was beginning to think no one cared! lol
  21. Hi everyone, I got these figures from a player made guide on this forum. However the guide is a F2P guide and I can't find anywhere to confirm the figures. My questions: [*:i3rup3et]Are these figures correct? [*:i3rup3et]Is it the same reward on P2P worlds? [*:i3rup3et]Is this amount per kill, or is this the maximum for the 10 kills? Thanks in advance :
  22. If its happened before the OS have even loaded it probably just a mechanical fault with the drive itself. Probably a busted catch or something.
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