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underground pass help


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Im thinking about doing underground pass soon, and i just wondered what i ought to bring with me. I was leaning towards full rune d scimmy etc... then blue d hide and mage short to kill the level 91 demons. of course i also need the spade and ropes etc... but how much food do i need? is there anything poisonous in the pass? and how much more should i train my agility and thieving? i understand those need to be fairly high if you want an easy time on the quest...

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u shoulkd bring 2 agilt ypots(4) all hte necary tools and u dont need mage or rnage kil lthe demons they r just like a lesser barely hit and u should bring 10-15k in money because u will fall alot and when u flal u take like 15 dmaage and theres dwraves down there that sell u food like pie bread and stew but u need money to buy it


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