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Midwest Hawks GnomeBall team part of the NGL


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Welcome to the Midwest hawks Gnomeball team thread. We are a team based in the Us Central Timezone. I would prefer that you would be in the Central Time zone but I would like a us only team.




Post 1-Intro


Post 2-Application/Requirements


Post 3-Team


Post 4 and 5-Reserved






23-Jul-2006 00:56:23


Last edited on 23-Jul-2006 00:57:33 by Nman95


Required 50+ Combat


Required 25+ Agility


Required 20+Range








Agility Level:


Combat Level:


Range Level:


Desired Position:






There are 2 attackers. These attempt to score in the gnomeball net.


There are 3 tacklers. These try to retrieve the ball off another player to give to their own team-mate.


There is 1 defender. This player tries to stop the ball going near the net or the keeper.


There is 1 keeper. The keeper attempts to stop the ball going into the net.








2 Attackers






3 Tacklers








1 Defender


- nman95


1 Keeper




1 Sub




2 Reserves










Wear Zamorak Robes to the Matches


All matches world 104








Each game lasts 20 minutes but the game can start at any time in those 20 minutes.


Each team takes it in turns to shoot, when one team scores or misses, the opposition gets the ball. And you can score even when its not in your possesion. I once saw someone standing in front of the goal and got passed to by accident by the opposition.


There are 7 players in a team plus 1 sub and 2 reserves. The subs come on for another player and the reserves are there if there is a player missing.


The captain decides on everything that goes on in game like who will take penalties and free kicks etc... The manager will decide who will play in the team but does not play himself. He can also attempt to *buy* other players or swap one of his players for another team's player.




When a team starts off with the ball and get tackled by a computorised gnomeball player the other team can get a chance to tackle and shoot,but a keeper is needed,he can try blocking the view of the net so when the other team clicks on the goal keeper.


No flaming.


No spamming.


No advertising other threads.


No complaining about decisions made.

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w00t! Gnomeball games! That's amazing. When I first played Gnomeball I always thought that it would be cool to have actual people there to play the game with!




There's only one real problem, that is the fact that each person has a different score, anyone can get a ball, the enemy gnomes on the field. There's a whole slew of extenuating circumstances that could be thought up. If you can do it good job! I would join up but I'm not going to be P2P for too much longer. Good luck and I hope that this takes off!

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I would like a us only team




I dont know why you would say that becouse i feel offended that since i live in another country i cannot join -.-


so liek i know this dude name foxtrot and he luvs me

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I would like a us only team




I dont know why you would say that becouse i feel offended that since i live in another country i cannot join -.-




Maybe it's because of the Time Zone difference. Someone living in Norway with a 7 Hour Time Difference couldn't really be playing with the team at 9 PM (21:00) if it's 5 AM(5:00) over there for them. Don't be offended, it's just more efficient for the team so they can work together at almost the exact same times (The biggest difference would be West and East Coast which is only about four hour differences).

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