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i need someone to make me a signature


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hey people i need a clan signature for my clan. can any1 make me plz?


i want it to have Yellow squadron across it with black and yellow and a yellow plane in the signature can any1 fill my request? if possible i will be greatly greatful and so will all my fellow clan members





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I guess I'll try but It will just be another bad one that I don't expect you to use.Gimme 30 mins and i'll try.




I don't get what you mean really.Can you also gimme some measurements for the size.




could you draw a ruff copy in paint so i get the idea...?

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hmm ok sorry :oops: lemme explain a little more




the size could be the exact size of urs and you how it has like brushing in the back like that


im horrible at paint so...it would come out useless :boohoo:

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dude, i can see u like reading ur own posts, but stop double posting. im gonna report each double post as spam.




if u want a sig fill this out, and ull get more help


Type: Abstract/Grunge/Pixel/Other



Text Colour:

Basic Sig Colours:


Render: (leave a link)

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Type: Grunge


Text: Yellow Squadron - yellow squadron- not black


Subtext: The Strongest last


Text Colour: yellow


Basic Sig Colours: black and yellow


Border: black


Render: (leave a link)www.saunalahti.fi/~fta/DK215s.jpg


new render i want to see what it would look like with this render http://www.flightsuits.com/images/patches/patch_7fs.jpg

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its about 64kb, so u cant use it here unless u lower the qual.




if u use this id like credited under the sig, because people passing other ppls work off as their own suckz.




Sig made by: Weeboab is fine =\

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