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  1. Looks like Adobe is putting out another fine product. I have the CS3 suite and never felt it necessary to upgrade to CS4 but I may have to give the CS5 suite some serious consideration.
  2. Hey Man, Great to see you back and sharing your skillz with us. As usual you have outdone yourself. Your work is amazing, looking forward to seeing whats to come next. Alduron
  3. Thanks a lot Errdoth for all your hard work and efforts! =D> I also want to thank you on behalf of the community for your great efforts! It looks great and we will update with the buttons as soon as we can. ~Alduron Tip.It Forum Administrator D_V: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Anyway, the current buttons look like crap, so I redid them very simply.. http://p27.us/tipit_theme/imageset.zip Sample:
  4. Locked per authors request. ~Alduron
  5. The image quality on the last one posted is better, but in my opinion the background is not balanced. The left side looks rather messy to me where the right looks too plain with the lines of the structure being so stark. Overall nice work keep it up. ~Alduron
  6. Nice work on that sig it looks very cool. ~Alduron
  7. Locking this per Lights request :) Thanks everyone. ~Alduron
  8. I have found the Varrock Diary fun... been a while since I have done a few of the things listed, others I had never tried... I think it is a good way to get us to explore a bit... I suggest doing things for the fun of it and not always looking for major rewards (although I think the reward is pretty good and I think my Karamja reward was awesome :mrgreen: ) Have fun everyone! ~Alduron
  9. If you expect to have folks help you I would suggest treating them politely and with respect. Please refrain from this behavior in the future as it violates our forum rules. Thanks ~Alduron Tip.it Forum Administrator
  10. Light, Thanks for all you have done to help make these forums what they are today. I know you have put in countless hours over the years and the results of your hard work have been dearly appreciated by a lot of people. Take good care of yourself and your kids and best wishes for your future. ~pup
  11. Alduron


    Hi, If you are wanting to Introduce yourself please use this thread. Randomly posting information is considered spam ;) if you have any questions please take a few minutes to review forum rules. Should you have additional questions do not hesitate to ask a forum Moderator. Thanks and happy posting. ~Alduron [Edit]
  12. I am going to remind everyone to only post if you have constructive criticism. This is your only warning as further insults will not be tolerated. ~Alduron
  13. Thank you for taking the time and posting your suggestion. At this time I do not see a need for such additions as others have mentioned we are an English speaking community and would have to fill staff requirements etc. German students are required to take English courses and should have no problem reading and responding on our forums. It gives them extra time and opportunities to use a skill they have learned and to further develop it. I see however no problem for a private group/clan to contact us if they wish to have a German clan/group on our forums. It would certainly be something we would review. Keep the ideas flowing and Happy Posting. ~Alduron
  14. In an effort to continue improving Tip.It forums and increase ease of use for member browsing the Art Bazaar has been placed as a Gallery subforum. Happy Browsing and creating everyone \ ~Alduron Unstickyd ~misterxman
  15. In an effort to continue improving Tip.It forums and increase ease of use for member browsing the Art Bazaar has been placed as a Gallery subforum. Happy Browsing and creating everyone \ ~Alduron Unstickyd ~misterxman
  16. Perhaps the editor is a regular forum member without staff tags to reveal their identity muwahaha ;) if not I would think it is Ard or Kiara ~Alduron
  17. Locking this please make a new post when you have information to share. ~Alduron
  18. Alduron


    You are getting even better all the time, very nicely done. The only thoughts I had were already mentioned, so I will just leave ya with a good job as always. :thumbsup: ~Alduron
  19. Locking this shop as it does not reflect the type of spirit we want to bring forward within our community. There are several postings by the author and others that are negative toward other users and/or shop owners. A community member cannot "ban" a fellow user from interacting on the forum, such activity does not reflect community spirit. If there is an issue with a user causing trouble it should have been brought to the attention of a forum moderator or an administrator. If anyone has any questions feel free to pm me. This shop owner may only open a new shop if the above mentioned actions seize. Further violations will not only result in the posting being locked but may end up with temporary or permanent bans. ~Alduron
  20. Link is safe... Unlocking this and tripsis was correct in her lock but will allow it this time as we are concerned that honest1 has dissapeared and are looking into this issue now. ~Alduron
  21. Link is safe... We are concerned that honest1 has dissapeared and are looking into this issue now. ~Alduron
  22. You guys know the rules... if you don't have c/c to offer do not post. I have been tied up with other activities lately but I have noticed quite a few threads being spammy... do not make us take down names and hand out punishments. No further warnings will be issued, our rules are clear. ~Alduron
  23. Moving this to the Art Bazaar where it belongs ;) Please remember all sales or giving away of images belong in the Bazaar. The Gallery is for discussion ;). ~Alduron
  24. When a person posts an image it is not automatically constituted as a rip unless they clearly state that they made the image and did not...Please do not spam these postings with flames. This unfortunately does not belong here as this area is for sharing of images that you created and getting them evaluated. Locked. ~pup
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