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  1. Rest In Peace =/.

  2. R.I.P dear friend

  3. Looks like Adobe is putting out another fine product. I have the CS3 suite and never felt it necessary to upgrade to CS4 but I may have to give the CS5 suite some serious consideration.
  4. Hey Man, Great to see you back and sharing your skillz with us. As usual you have outdone yourself. Your work is amazing, looking forward to seeing whats to come next. Alduron
  5. Thanks a lot Errdoth for all your hard work and efforts! =D> I also want to thank you on behalf of the community for your great efforts! It looks great and we will update with the buttons as soon as we can. ~Alduron Tip.It Forum Administrator D_V: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Anyway, the current buttons look like crap, so I redid them very simply.. http://p27.us/tipit_theme/imageset.zip Sample:
  6. Locked per authors request. ~Alduron
  7. The image quality on the last one posted is better, but in my opinion the background is not balanced. The left side looks rather messy to me where the right looks too plain with the lines of the structure being so stark. Overall nice work keep it up. ~Alduron
  8. Nice work on that sig it looks very cool. ~Alduron
  9. Locking this per Lights request :) Thanks everyone. ~Alduron
  10. I have found the Varrock Diary fun... been a while since I have done a few of the things listed, others I had never tried... I think it is a good way to get us to explore a bit... I suggest doing things for the fun of it and not always looking for major rewards (although I think the reward is pretty good and I think my Karamja reward was awesome :mrgreen: ) Have fun everyone! ~Alduron
  11. If you expect to have folks help you I would suggest treating them politely and with respect. Please refrain from this behavior in the future as it violates our forum rules. Thanks ~Alduron Tip.it Forum Administrator
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