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  1. I for one want to see it pixel but I would make it 4 to 5 times smaller if you pixel it
  2. you colors are way to saturated especially in the sky and flag it also lacks contrast and the sky isn't the same color all over it becomes lighter downwards
  3. why didn't you cleaned up your lines befor you started shading
  4. don't be afraid to put contrast into you picture especialy on pieces this small
  5. no the point is to make him look liek a dwarf hehe I didn't want to cover up the drarf look with the beard but acentuate it :D hehe and thank you for thenice comments veichity you can have that avatar
  6. ty lovelydude changed that tought he kinda looked like a dwarf so I added a beard
  7. I want a bunny head on a rope ... no body
  8. thank you for all the kind words everyone and terley i realalise i still have mayor anotomy problems I'm sketching my [wagon] of trying to improve just that and yes rik you can have the pirates of the caribian avatar but not the thunderstorm one sig per person atm if no-one ells wants it you can have the thunderstrom one to ... plz don't pm me regarding these things but discuss them here xD I'm saying this because I just had to remove 6 costum requests, and I don't feel like doing this alot. :lol: ow and I'm working on this atm 15 minutes far but feel free to CC ow and any ideas what to do to make it more intersting because it kinda plain right now ... and don't say add a santa or I will have to shoot you xD
  9. does it say giving away ! NO and don't pm iether
  10. well the reason why I didn't post for so long is whenever i got here, there were 10+ "firts pixel sig"s on the first page. and now it still has alot ... but yeah. a little less ty for the cc everyone altough I don't have the time to change anything the deadline was today anyway since I started posting here anyway going to show some more works and wips The finished works I will not be changing anymore the wips you may shower with CC and I will listen to it ! anyway finished : <= giving away <= giving away <= giving away <= giving away (c64 colors)<= giving away work in progress :
  11. nice shape nice background bad pillow shading
  12. omg I love this one best u made so far in my opinion little blurry. but that gives it the winning look. pure genious... ow and yeah.... the other onces are nice to
  13. actually there are quite a few mayor mistakes for the first one. since the sun is directly behind everything... all shapes you see should be silhouettes. with a light border around it ... you also need to use alot more saturated collors the flashy collors hurt your eyes. I for one have never seen the sun like that a yellow ball... try and make it white in the middle ( never be afraid to use pure white) and the more u go away from the center you go to yellow-orange-red but don't do this like a ball enlarging. stretch it out along the horizon something like this ( note how the cliff is a silhouette ) also pay attention to the things nagzul said he might not brouth it to you in the nicest way, but it has a kind of hard truth. just put more time in your sig more then 10-15 minutes....
  14. Verry nice and since you are sick of this piece my only cc will be make the border more obvious really lick the bricks and the text and the way you handled the chainmail with is one of the hardest things to pixel if you can't figure out the right technique.
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