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Racing Shewoman2!

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Yes, I am going to race Shewoman2 (< RSN)\GoingUnder to the awesome level 85 mining.




:D I will be training on Iron ores north of Yanille, usually world 77. Come on by!




I will post the results of each day, and hopefully get some pics....








Day 1:


Got 62 mining! Woot!


Still 10k+ mining experience.




Still left to go: 83.5k!




Day 2:


Going for 63 mining, I'll definately get it by the end of today. :D


Starting xp: 359519


Ending xp:





[Admin Edit: No naming names in a negative light]

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Heard about it...


Her Mining is far higher then yours...


So I think she will win.


But it depends on how your nerves are.


If you can keep up with it :)



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"A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do"

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Oh idea! I can post my little blog here lol


DAY 2 (I think)


Lvl 73 mining:




Broke my pickaxe 4 times today from that stupid gas from rocks thingy .. darn AFK-ing ... EDIT: 5 times ..






Still level 73




Woot broke pickaxe 3/4 times today .. Only 20k-ish away from next level .. I think pandaman gave up .. (btw i went up one combat LVL! look at hp and def)

i am a paint noob
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