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training my pure


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10 atk and 30 str then 20 40, then 30 50, then 40 60, then 40 99


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goblins, cows, men in edgeville, dwarves, barbarians, minotaurs, monks




my pure is 40 53 and i train on minotaurs almost exclusively. food is nearby, and nearly all the drops are stackable (dont bother with skulls, helms and daggers) i even pick up the ores in equal amounts for bronze, but thats up to you. minotaurs are 10 hp, so i can 1 hit a lot of them, no damage means no need to use food, i can stay longer per trip. they hit max 2 damage, but eventually you will have to surface for food at some time. its multicombat and they are not agressive and they respawn fast, so its simply ideal




i'll give you one last secret, but this only works best if your range and mage is 40+ and your combat lvl is 40+. dark wizards south of varrock, absolute best to train on. at 40+ combat, the level 20s wont aauto attack you, so you can concentrate on the level 7s. with 40+ mage and wearing green chaps and vambs, leather body and coif and anti-fire shield, you have the highest mage defence possible with 1 def. you will take practically no damage and you can stay there forever, picking up tons of runes for mage training at a later time

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