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Needing Sigmasters!!!!!!! link now working STILL NEED HELP


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render: http://www.render-world.com/gallery/dis ... =1&pos=601




type: idk what it called but like the paintbrush as a weapon sorta look i think abstract




avatar: can u make me a matching one?




background colors: not sure ill leave it up to u








text: Drakon Elos ( can u make it like appear and dissapear? if not thats ok)




border: 1pixel black




text color: im leaving that to u too




size:450x175x 30KB




WHAT I WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE: Render in the middle of sig, green streaks of light coming from him. the background black but the green streaks of light lighting it up the background a little




whoever makes this tyvm


Seling 45548 Airs PM if u want to buy some!

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Link not working #-o

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Elfs creating a crystal Axe would be like GreenPeace creating a Nuclear Powered Harpoon for killing seals...

"Level 1 sailing: ability to build a failboat.'


Drops: Ahrims Hood, Guthans set FULL (minus legs), dragon half shield, dragon legs/skirt

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someone is already using that render in his/hers image, i would suggest you chose another to create a different atmosphere on the board :D




Then again it doesn't matter much, but still, i would be annoyed if somebody had a sig made with the same image i used :wall:


I am Poseidon, i wreck ships and conjure up storms!

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i know this is old, but i gave it a shot and im wondering if u might like it.




if u do ill make the matching avvy.








ps, had to sacrifice a lot of quality to get it animated.






edit: just realized its too small =x but if u want it its urs

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