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adicted or not?


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i just wanted to make a difference. make people notice me ect.. when i started high school i did not have many friends and was bullyed by many older lads. then one day my 24 year old brother come round my house and he said let me just go on the computer i wana kill a few dragons, i was like what? he said "oh ive started playing a multy player online adventure game called runescape" i was like i bet thats rubbish, he said no actually i injoy playing it.. so that night when he left i tried my best to remember what he called the game. when i finally got to the website i created my first account bigelf1992 "now banned :(" after a while i realized not many people played but just enough for them to notice me, after a while runescape become an adiction! it ment more to me then anything in the world. i would start being vilolent at school and take revenge on the people who bullyed me.. i started to gain wait and become even more disliked. now after 3 years i still play on my new account "andross25" and i have made some new friends who also play *they calm me down so i'am not vilolent anymore* so now you know why i started runescape and why i play! to be noticed! ill leave this open to discusion!

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I don't think this belongs here. Sorry to hear about bullies, they are just unable to express themselves. Don't worry what other people say, be you! Also, I kinda was addicted to RS for a bit, what you can do is:


1)Set a goal. Maybe mine your 200 iron for the day, then stop. Go outside, shoot some hoops, ride the bike.


2) (This one worked for me) Every hour on RS dedicate 1 hour to something else. It could be exercise, studying, reading, writing (authors guild, siggy has link), or some other self-enjoyment activity.




Good luck. You'll grow out of RS, everyone does eventually :).







The Carter III

"I can get your brains for a bargain, like I bought it from Target.

Hiphop is my supermarket, shoppin' cart full of fake hiphop artists."

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Please, write in proper english, using correct grammar.




Other then that, sorry to hear it.

Does anyone happen to know death_siren? She stole a green mask from me, and I think I found my way into her ignore list. If you know anything, please, don't hesitate to give me a pm.

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Something that happens to everyone at one point or another. Bullies are normally bullied themselves...as you showed.




You can please some people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all the time
You make people happy by what you do, but you can't make everyone happy and you will never be friends with everyone. Because early runescape was a very small closeknit community of players all aiming for a common goal it was easy to relate to them.




Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.
You will never be important in the grand schyme because no one is. Each action you take though effects everything around you though, like a pepple dropped in a pond.




A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.


In reference to the number of players of runescape. I.E. one person plays it is special, a hundred people from your school play, its a crowd.




One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.
You should step back look at your life, make a list of good and bad, then rank all the things from 1 to 10, now ask someone else to give ranking to what you have done, do this for as many people as possible. This shows you that what you do gets noticed because of the way other people think about it. After all that work out wether you have had a good or bad life. If its good then continue to help people, if its bad continue to do the things that you want, nothing ever really matters, unless it matters to you.




Usability is like oxygen -- you never notice it until it is missing...
Its like you as well no matter what happens you are only here for a while, then your gone. People only see that then.




It doesn't do any good to sit up and take notice if you keep on sitting.
Do what you want but take in the surroundings. Guilt is a very powerful feeling. If you can't feel guilt then there is 2 possible reasons, you can't see what your doing is wrong, you don't know what your doing is wrong. Like a the first person to lift a fish out of the water, didn't know that they were killing it through lack of oxygen.




And finally my own quote,

You do the things you do because the things you do are the right things for you.
Your life live it the way you want and never consider anyone else around you, they are all on their own and are the same as you, unless you would take a bullet for them do not help them. Then you have no chance of being in that situation, and if you are you already know what you are going to do, and they expect you to do nothing.




You will never be able to do the right thing, because it does not exist.

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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Sorry but this is not the appropriate forum for this thread.




This is the Library for creative writing not discussions about life.




If you wish to reformat your experience into a story you may do so but please use proper punctuation, spelling, sentence structure etc.




Thanks and Good Luck to ya.





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