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how do i get to crandor


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Well, if you follow the dragon slayer quest, you'll eventually get there.


Or if you have done the quest, then go to the Karamja Volcano dungeon, and find the entrance to the Crandor cave entrance there.

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im at the maze were u get the first piece of the map um wat "prayer protection" would i use for 1. lessers 2. the dragon at the end of the quest and also wat is the best way to kill the dragon

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What combat level are you?? I doubt you need prayer if you have armour like adamant. Protected me well. But the dragon is magic I beleive, and the demon melee, and click here to see the dragon salyer help guide.


im afraid that's the wrong link...this might be more helpful :)




you should definitely use protect from melee for the demon, since that's the only kind of attack it can use




as for the actual dragon combat part, im afraid i cant really help you, seeing as how i did this in RSC (where every monster was melee and every weapon hit at the exact same speed)

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