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macboy9000's Sig Shop!


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I currently have no price set, when I find out how, I may set a price. Tell me the following:
















-Anything else




I'll do my best!




(If you notice, my forum name is manopie14 but the topic has macboy9000. macboy9000 is my runscape name)

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That better?

Lol, that made me spit milk on my lap. Selling cheap paint sigs on this board is pretty common, but this one takes that cake. If you're actually serious about making sigs, keep trying, and definatly make sigs for free first. If your just looking to make some money for RS, leave now.
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yeah, i know, but that's one reason it's free. I can do better but i didn't have much time. I'll make another and post it.








well make atleast ONE good one, becouse uhm yeah i have a free sig shop atm, and i make it as nice as i can, only becouse i want that people see that i can make "nice (well kind of)" sigs

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