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  1. Yeah I use to use Digital Blasphemy. My background use to be the anemones awhile back. Now I just travel and do photography so my backgrounds now are pictures I have taken from around the world.
  2. Haha thats really cool you two! Maybe I'll bump into you guys if you go to Boston next weekend. Thats when I'll be there :D I'll be in NYC too. But anyways have a great time you two!
  3. Virginia Tech! Woohoo. Alrighty then..VA Tech is a great collage! I know people who go there. ^^ Hokies Hokies Hokies! Woohoo!! Im telling ya. VA Rocks! 8)
  4. Goku20170


    Only every day of my life. Yes I'd love to drop the numbers at the end of my name. And I'd like to drop the Goku. I'd go for something more me. I was like 9 when i picked my name. How was I supose to know? I thought I would play RS for like a week max. boy was I wrong.
  5. Virginia Tech! Woohoo. Alrighty then..VA Tech is a great collage! I know people who go there. Anyways sadly I am no where near collage right now. Actually its not a sad thing. Im fine with being young. I'll get back to you guys in another 5 years.
  6. This summer I'm doing afew things. Im going to Boston in afew days to go visit my cousins. Then I'm going to Dubai for 3 weeks which looks really cool. Im very excited about that. I really want to see the Palm Islands they built in the shape of Palm Trees and the Burj Al Arab hotel which is the only 7 star hotel in the world. Im also going to take sandboarding lessons in the sand dunes in the desert. I'm also going to Los Angeles, San Fransico, and Miami in August. How about you guys? Any plans for this summer?
  7. Any language in the begining is hard. Some are harder than others. I can and read and speak properly in Arabic. I've been reading Arabic for the last five years or longer. At first I found it hard with all the rules but thats just like any other language that your not fimilar with. Yes Arabic is a hard language but it really depend on the person. If you can speak French then I think you really won't have a hard time pronoucing the sounds. I my self cannot speak French but I did find it hard. In English you do not use differn't sounds. It hard to explain but what I mean is that if you are use being able to being a sound from your chest or from the bottom of your throat then it will be easy. In english you don't have to do that so if you are learning it and the only language you can speak fluently is english then it will be hard.
  8. Im surprised that no one said Mrs.Feild's cookies! I love the Fudge cookies at the Mrs.Feilds bakery. Those are really good.. There always fresh and warm. There are alot of cookies at Mrs.Feild's that are good actually. I like there chocolate chip cookies. Oh and the dubble chocolate milano cookies are good too! Can't forget the girl scout dubble dutch cookies.
  9. Happy birthday gramps! Lol im just fooling with you. Happy brithday!!!
  10. I LOVE THAT SONG.. which is awkward because i KNEW someone would post this AND i'm listening to it right now. :lol: :D I started laughing at the point where you said you love that song :) Mario - Let Me Love You I HATE that song, but they play it the whole time here on TV. When I'm singing it I'm using my superhighultrasupersonic voice. Yeah I know how it is. I HATE that song too and then about 20mins ago it was on the radio and I was listening to it and my changed the station and I punched him and changed it back! I HATE that soong too buts it's everywhere! Another one is Milkshake. Grr
  11. I can't get piercings. It's not me. The whole fact of getting holes in my eyebrows and tounge kinda seems scary to me. I don't really like how they look. I think that its ok for girls to get their ears peirced and bellybutton and for guys their ear. Thats it.
  12. Hey Potatoe! Erm...I mean Tomato! Happy Birthday! I know a friends who's birthday is on May 1st too. She's having her party on Friday. Happy 17th! -Goku
  13. Goku20170

    Got Blog?

    I've got a blog too but like Cameron, its only for my RL friends. It's got some personal info about me that I'd only like my RL friends to know.
  14. The Philidelphia 76ers! or The Sacramento Kings! To hard to choose!
  15. Goku20170


    Yeah I can swim. Somepeople can do stuff that others can't. I can easily swim. I'm not afraid of the water. If someone can swim and you can't it doesn't mean there better than you. I can't skate. at all. not rollerblades, skateboard, etc. I stink at it. I've tried for 4 years and still never got it. It's impossible for me. Everbody doesn't have the same talents are everyone else. that's part of the thing that makes us so unique.
  16. The background and everything is good but im not feeling the text. I dont like it. Sorry but everything else is awsome. Background: 9/10 Text: 4/10 Overall: 8/10
  17. Nice, Nice. It reminds me of runesmithies sig kinda. Not to shabby :wink:
  18. :shock: thats incredible. Wow. I just bought a sig but stick around. Ill buy another one soon. Oh and Kingrazo is this really cool signature maker. I saw him yesterday. I was at his house watching basketball and stuff(Kingrazo is my cousin) he doesnt come on Tip.It anymore and i think he stoped playing rs for the moment. I think he's focusing on school work right now. Anyways Kakashi nice work. :wink:
  19. I play the violin. I havnt been playing as much as i use to but im still playing :wink:
  20. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=71 :D
  21. Woah I really like your style of Spacescape. It looks awesome. Good Luck with the Sig Shop!
  22. *Shifts in seat* Is mine included in eventually? (Just wondering because I believe the sig(s) I request from others have all been done) Oh, I must say that your job on Vlad's sig was exsquisite btw ;). Love the colours. BTW Vlad's sig. AWESOME!
  23. 10k on number 6 please. I got a sratagy goin ;)
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