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  1. Thanks for the ideas everyone. The game might not be great for 9-10 year olds (I found out what cabin I was working today). Sharks and minnows is a classic that I can't believe I had forgotten about. I used to play it in the pool all the time. I like the basically hide-and-seek game ideas and I wonder if I would actually be allowed to use fire for that dousing the fire game.
  2. IGoddessI, thanks for the tips. The third website you gave has exactly what I was looking for. I had a little trouble earlier searching for devotion ideas that were separated from games and activities. dragoonson, thanks for the offer but I'm a decent storyteller (once I get a vague idea). In response to being unprepared, I have had light training in stuff like this. I had to miss a few days of the official training because of a family problem. The training I did receive seemed to deal mainly with safety issues and logistics. In Australia I guess camp counselor has more of a therapeutic meaning as opposed to in the USA, we seem to be glorified babysitters. I do think I already have some good ideas, I'm just posting this because I'm nervous. I thought posting a topic like this on a forum would be a good resource since I'm getting back the opinions of real people on what they like and remember about camp. The camp I'm working for is a YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) camp and has that slight spiritual twist without being overbearing. What my parents liked about this camp was that the Jewish population was usually around 50% and they felt that the spirituality wasn't over the top (they caught me singing "Jesus in a box" at a different camp when I was younger). I think the main reason I'm nervous is because I have so many to do. Thanks again everybody for the help.
  3. It's not really activities or games I'm that concerned about (I was a camper after all), it's the nightly devotions that I'm more worried about. I could ask the kids for ideas but I see it really as mostly the counselors responsibility to "bring the fun". Great suggestions for games guys but what's spotlight?
  4. Capture the flag is pretty awesome. We usually do a camp wide game on a giant field. I have an idea for a game that a friend gave me. He got his idea from the John Carpenter movie "The Thing." It basically involves picking from a hat on the first day and one person becomes "The thing." The object of the game is for the thing to get himself alone with another person and "infect them" thus, them becoming a "thing." The game would continue until either everybody was the thing or the things were exposed. Imagine the paranoia.
  5. Make7upu101

    Camp Help

    Hey Tip.it, long time reader rare poster. I've always respected this community as an intelligent bunch (could be that most are gamers/ex-gamers) and I wanted to see if everybody could help me out with a sort of assignment. In a few days, I'm going to be working as a camp counselor at an overnight camp for the next month. Part of my responsibilities as counselor will be to lead nightly devotions. Devotions are the time at night when both counselors sit down the campers in the cabin before bed and give some sort of meaningful activity or story to the kids. Character building stuff. The activity can range from serious stuff such as solving a group problem to group bonding like telling your most embarrassing moment. The first night usually consists of goal setting. I'm having trouble thinking of good, not too cheesy things so far. I'm thinking of having a different kid pick a quote out of a book and relate it to the the session so far. I've never been good at thinking up things on the spot so I'm trying to write down a bunch of ideas a few days before I go. I really had a great time when I was a camper and am looking to make some sort of positive mark on these kids lives. Think back on when you were a camper (or participant in a program). Although I'm mostly looking for devotion ideas, any other advice is appreciated as well. Games, activities, or really just general advice is great. I'll read everything and post my thoughts later on. Any ideas or examples are greatly appreciated. Thanks -Ethan
  6. I read the whole thing. It does sound like you could use a little guidance. When I was younger my parent's took me to various psychologists (and eventually one psychiatrist) for what I think may have been depression. It's hard to remember since it's been so long. About a year ago, I was having some problems with my father and we all went to see a psychologist that specialized in my age group. You'll be surprised how comfortable a good shrink can make you feel. Yeah they do analyze everything you say or communicate but it is their job. It got a little annoying when things didn't go in quite the direction I wanted but I also don't believe we needed to go to a psychologist at the time. My problems all worked themselves out in time. I don't think that's always the case. It sounds like you should really just try talking to one. They signed up for the job because 1) they wanted to help people and 2) they were at least somewhat good at it.
  7. Just a myth. Most people tend to wake up before dying in their dreams because it's such a shock to think you are dying. Has anyone here ever had a lucid dream? It's where you are aware that you are dreaming, so you have the power to influence your dreams (enabling you to do ANYTHING). :) Very interesting experience. Sometimes. Usually once I realize it either A) I try and do things and I still can't control it (such as I won't be able to get off the ground while trying to fly) or B) I just wake up a little later
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Jung Wow, he studied psychology, mythology (things that cant be proven to be real) and religion (another thing which requires nothing but FAITH).. Your point therefore being ? By studying mythology, we gain insight into various cultures. We can learn about ancient cultures lives and what was happening at the time. The same process can be applied to dreams if we treat them right. I'm not saying I know for sure that dreams always mean something but dreams should be respected at the very least for their power over individuals decisions and their importance in history.
  9. Contacts, sadly, did seem to make a difference in my life. From the 4th grade to the end of the 8th grade I wore glasses. I never had those snazzy glasses that people think makes people look intelligent. Mine hid my face (especially my eyes) and would constantly slide off. It's horrible to admit but I believe they actually did have an effect on my self-esteem. Losing them helped me to become more confident and at the same time, helped me to feel comfortable doing sports since I didn't have to worry about those $100 fragile pieces of glass on my face anymore. On the other hand, I was in middle school (age 11-15). Middle schoolers are known for having low self-esteem and wanting to constantly fit in with others. I think If I had given it a few more years I would have grown out of it.
  10. Then .. become preppy? That's what I did. Now I have a hot preppy girlfriend. Yay? Once you get a little older and mature you'll realize you don't want those girls anymore. I cringe when I think of my hormonal 13-14 year old self yearning for one of those girls. It's a crappy time and I remember it being hard for any other group beyond the "preppy" group to stand out. As mad said, just look for somebody who appreciates you for who you are. The ones you want and want you are going to become visible soon enough. Just have a little patience.
  11. A few months ago with my current girlfriend. I'm 18 and I understand how some of you who haven't done it yet are so nervous about it. I'm just glad I did it with someone who was so understanding. I have no good advice on the subject except to 1) don't do it with some random girl and 2) get over the fact that you're going to be bad at first. I'm pretty sure I was awful the first few times.
  12. If you are talking about the 1964 version, you didn't need to buy it. It's in the public domain so you can download it completely legally: http://www.archive.org/details/the-last-man-on-earth It was a double feature. 1 dollar. The other one was the Devil's Messenger I believe. I watched it about a week ago and it was actually alright. I wouldn't recommend it but it did hold my interest. I need to watch Omega Man now.
  13. Not really the best time of my life but it wasn't too bad. It was painful (at least for me) but if you're having problems than you don't really have an alternative. Just find yourself a good dental surgeon.
  14. Cigarettes can be taxed, weed can't. The government barely cares that cigarettes do cause some 400,000 deaths annually, weed causes about 180 deaths per year (out of the nearly 40% of americans who have tried weed, both figures from government sources; check links). It's a money issue, they don't care about the fact weed is multiple hundredfold safer than using cigarettes... why cant they tax it? I don't understand, if it was legal companies could sell it and they could tax it then right? Not enough support behind legalization (at least that's what it seems like here). Most of the people I know who do it don't care enough to go out and support any sort of bill on the subject. It also seems like the underground trafficking business would be ruined because of it. Just an idea.
  15. Well, if I was still smoking at the time it would be pretty hypocritical of me to object. All I could do would be tell them the facts. Without having kids it's hard to say, but I can guess that I wouldn't like the fact that they smoked. If they were any younger than 16 I would probably play the age card, and tell them to stop until they were older. Playing the hypocrite isn't always bad. Sometimes I think It can be necessary. I would like to think if I smoked and believed it wasn't a healthy habit for my kids to get in to, I would still stop them. I would stop them but of course you would still have the problems of A) Breaking your childs trust in your abilities to function as the good role model (cognitive dissonance or something like that? Its been awhile since I took psychology) and B) Like you said, you can't really do much with a kid after he's 16. They're pretty much done by then.
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