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  1. I'd personally follow this user's advice and go to their forums because the clan section here has been rather slow lately. Nice to see some old faces coming back to the game. Fun fact: Ghjjf joined RSD a few weeks ago. You'd be surprised how much the clan world has changed as well. For real? I can't belive it lol, i still can't bear thinking the thought of joining corr/gladz etc.
  2. Can't you bring a friend on lunars venging and healing you?
  3. Way too edited for my liking, other then that i didn't see anything i didn't like, so pretty good job.
  4. Would not the runecrafting staff be better then the machete?
  5. Well im sort of in the same situation, but heres what i've discovered. You can't trade freely anymore, theres a max profit you can gain of the trade. No pking in the wildy, but theres BH (Wich is Magebank allover, 1 itemers and huge clans only) Theres world pvp where you get loot from a droptable instead of what the player is wearing (but the equip still affects the drop) Other then that its alot the same, you still make money the same wy, you train the same way.
  6. I wasn't banned but i did have to start over from scratch (well i didn't "have to", but i did) going from having the account Vexxon with a worth of ~20 mill i quit for nearly 2½ years and didn't think i was coming back. I did save some cash on my range pure (about 1M in items 60ish range beeing only stat). Well back i came, and there was a whole new rs, one where you could not pk, stake or drop trade or anything like that! I was stumped, had a level 112 account with zero gp or stuff and a range pure with about 1m, wich turned out to be more like 400k when i came back. But now im back and going strong, got about 5-8M of worth on Vexxon, but mainly play my old range pure who is now my main :D (He still sucks though, but im working on that - xb4d2d4b0n3x) So theres a small story, and i hope a decent answer..
  7. Could also be ruby. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ruby_bolts_(e) http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Diamond_bolts_(e) (Myself im doing a mix the few times a week i visit barrows (use ruby until 50% hp and then switch)
  8. I'd say get 94 mage by bursting lobs :) If you're a fan of killing people then its THE level, and else its still nice to be able to cast all the spells almost.
  9. Honestly, when you logon just do whatever comes to mind, until something else comes to mind. And do also get enough willow/maple logs for 99 Fm and set a goal of burning x logs a day or something, doing this on one of my chars atm and in 1 months time he went from 40fm to 94 :D Also doing a similar thing on my skiller wannabe, got 14k salmons left to cook for 80 cooking (had 6k trout and 17k salmon i think from when i did 80 fishing) i set myself the goal that i cook at least 1k a day :) That way it will be done within reasonable time and i wont burn out on it. [EDIT]Also when you are bored not knowing what to do, do a quest! Or start getting the skills needed for a quest that you don't have the skills for :) Or do the Achievments in Lumby/Varrock/Karamja, it even has good rewards!
  10. Im a bit shocked here having just watched the swedish news! They showed his videos on the primetime news thats disgusting!
  11. Oh and btw, the police had seen hi vids during the weekend (they were posted last friday) and had him in for questioning this monday but decided NOT to take the gun from him since he hadn't accually threatend anyone special. Now thats scary.
  12. I go for fun over kills any day in the week, hell when runescape mostly became a skill race for me i quit the game and just recently came back.
  13. Even if the shooter doe survive (though several news agencie have reported hes dead now) he will be severly handicapped. Gun used was most likely a .22 wich is the same gun he had in his several youtube vids (now removed)
  14. I care about me and my friends only, what others do i their problem. Therefore i do not report people.
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