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Terragen Time! (SHUT FOREVER)


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It will be very rare if I ever come back to making terragen sigs because of the amount of bad comments I have to handle :roll: . If I do come back it will be for money and if I come back to free ones they will all be premades :wink:

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rite i finished ickys im goign out now ill finish otehr 2 and upload em 2moro have funa dn dont kill urself in da process :wink:












Im going to run out of custom spots soo start taking my mean premades :roll: :twisted: :wink:

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Name: Antrune




Slogan/Quote/Skills: 80+ range 74+ hit and 83 combat oh and lovin snelms =)




Size: 300 x 150 (normal size I think)




Landscape Description: Snowy mountain tops, with no water and a sunset








Thanks :D

And no lol why do you always want to get stuff from John Lewis. Its over ̣̉300 more then than what i paid.


John Lewis is a great, great shop.

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Well 1 hr latter :wink:
























Bquamb: (Yes thats disney font :P)
















Icky: (Yours is a little too large, See bottom of message)
































Zot Mutske:
























1. Keep what I posted but save as .jpg




2. Crop some off top to make under limits




3. I'll remake








Just tell me which opition you want and ill hop to it :wink:

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Slogan/Quote/Skills: none please




Size: 300x100




Landscape Description: to be like number 4 but the mountains to be more in the distance and it showing the frozen water.

Bjbsk8er2 : Playing since 2001.


: 126 Combat Since June 2006 :



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