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  1. Same here, used to be such an active forum lol. Doubt it'll ever be as crowded as back in the day though. Hope nobody minds me asking but is there actually still an active RS forum?
  2. I remember you from a long time ago, a lot has changed in RS and it can be quite overwhelming. Money is easy to make though and leveling up has eased up even more so I'm sure you'll get back on track quite fast enough.
  3. Shame these forums went downhill so much. I remember back in the day afking and constantly browsing every section lol. Edit, can't believe I've been registered for nearly 12 years on these forums. Time really flies.
  4. I've just gone through a good 5 pages and came to the conclusion that I no longer understand anything about what this game is about anymore. How difficult would it be to blend in again after a good 5 years of no play? No pic simply because I don't have any, lol.
  5. Just realised I've been here for so long already. Shame most of the people I knew on Tip It have quit by now :(.
  6. Heh I was wondering how RS is nowadays and so many new features have been added since I last played. Glad this topic is still here :). Thinking about giving it a go again but I'm not sure :P. I have no pictures to post though :(.
  7. Hey Ami! How are you :)? Looks like you're doing very well in Rs, last time I checked you just became members, keep on the good work :).
  8. Sorry for the late reply. But happy belated birthday, Kevin :)

  9. Oh you clown. I'm just gonna laugh at this reply. Derp. Most of those players have indeed been playing for a few years. There isn't really a number you can stick onto how much time they spent in game, but I'm pretty sure they play daily and for a good amount of time. Probably between 6-12 hours every day. You've got to realize that the game is so much easier now. Efficiency and money allows people to train very fast in a short amount of time. Especially ever since those effigys or whatever they're called got released. But seeing your question was 'how do they do it' I'll give you a nice clean answer. Money, efficiency, time and patience.
  10. With a good system, that'd of made you a lot of money. ;). > Implying staking is more then luck
  11. Told you to stake higher. And it wasn't because I wanted to see you get cleaned :P.
  12. You should stake higher tbh :$. Doing 5-10m stakes keeps you going back and forth to much imo.
  13. Just a matter of time before you lose it all again really, lol.
  14. You know that recovery thing is a glitch in the system yeah, when something got reset? A lot of people have their recovery date set to that one, lol.
  15. Nice one man, you've really made some progress since i played.
  16. >Implying that pking or staking takes skill. Anyway yeah you should quit while you're ahead. Nobody keeps on winning and you'll regret it eventually. You say you won 8B, that's enough to keep playing the game the way you want it tbh. But then again if you don't care much, go for it lol. Seeing as i no longer play I'll post an old 99 screenie lol.
  17. Would've been a nice achievement if you didn't bot it.
  18. Those guides are sort of high level based i reckon? I'm not looking for maximum xp either, I'm looking for good xp with good drops, if possible. Thanks anyway.
  19. Hey, due to the possible return of free trade (and wildy + staking :)) i decided to hit up Runescape again. On a brand new account though. I'm lvl 89 now with 70 Att, 75 Str and 65 Def. 27 Summoning as well if that matters. I want to max out melee stats asap. Anyway was wondering if you guys would hit up me up with advice the latest high level content, like JuJu Pots, Effigies (sp), ..? The last time i played was around October 2008, but i really have no idea what to train on. Currently I'm training on Earth Warriors, which gives me about 100k cash an hour and 32k Combat xp an hour. And are there quests that are a must to do so? Appreciate it, thanks.
  20. I'll be honest with you. I quit rs in 2008 and thanks to you i came back lol, you inspired me with your new account so i started a new one as well (y). Congrats on the visage.
  21. Dunno if it's real or not. But if it is real and the old 'thing' would come back, I'd play again.
  22. Old wild, free trade and duel arena. Duel arena probably more then anything.
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