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  1. Nope your kind are the Hitler's of the world, dictating to us about the CO2 theory and refusing to hear other opinions.
  2. I was on scapeboard for around a year before it got shut down I think. I remember when it did and I would check like every 2 - 3 days to see if it was back up for what felt like 6 months or so. One day in July I think it came back on and I made my same account name. Remember seeing like two topics on the general section, twas great. 8-)
  3. No one is disputing whether the earth is heating up. It is whether this is due to Human cause or not.
  4. Gears of War definetly. I also played the Lost Planet demo and thought it sucked.
  5. Buddy Holly - Love's Made A Fool You
  6. Well in my opinion, nothing good has come out of modern music. Everything is a huge gimmick and mostly nonense. The late 50s however presented musicians with distinct voices and catchy songs. Most modern music FTL.
  7. Woah, your friends with NWA :D
  8. Always a joke isn't it? Just having a laugh? These stereotypes hurt people, maybe next time you want to make a joke, find one that isn't unecessary, stupid and rude. Get a grip.
  9. Isn't that good enough for you? When ever homosexual discussions come up I get the feeling the homosexuals want to change someone else's morals. If someone thinks homosexuality is wrong what gives you the right to tell them to be more accepting? If they are so passionately in love with their views why not accept that? After all you are passionately in love with the idea of people accepting homosexuality. Take a leaf out of your own book and accept other peoples views. What an exceptional post.
  10. Bah dont worry, its just fashionable to hate America.
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