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Paying 500k for a good quality pixel sig pls!


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Like it says ill pay about 500k - 700k for a good quality pixel sig.
















Text: Jose1988, 80+ combat, 70+ range, 70+ mage in a flash sequece if possible








Signature Size: 300x170 or w/e suits you.








Illustration: I want a ranger - full black hide, archer helm, magic bow, drag ammy, and ranger boots and legend cape. killing a KBD with arrows stickin out of it and blood dripping from the arrows. I also want 2 full rune guys, drag ammy, 1 with drag battle, 1 with drag long, both rune kite dead on the side with arrows sticking out of them, blood dripping.








Background: Kbd cave








any other information needed pleae let me know - Im open for suggestions..








PS. What program do most artist used to creat pixel sigs?









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Ive got a rough idea on where people are going to be, btw the main character (your guy) wont be seen fully, only like the head, is that ok?


If you have any questions about World of Warcraft or you need an explanation about something, please feel free to pm me.

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k im dun here is my entry i think it looks sick =p prob best + longest yet, lol anyways here it is: kbdkillersample.png








So..... how much are you willing to pay for this?








like the post says 500- 700k








And also instead of having piles on the ground of full rune guys - make actual people...












see where i put the black circle? have a full rune guy dead with an arrow comin out of his head and blood dripping down and also his kite and weapon on the ground next to him.








Also is it possible to put horns or ears on the KBD's like it acutally has it in RS. and maybe some texture on the black armor that im wearing. So many suggestions :oops: - but also the horns on the archer helm can u make them more thick a bit? those horns look like deer horns :?








But kingcomet i like ur entry. :D








oh its 80+ combat not 90 :wink:












Shaunri its ok if its not shown fully












Lowgravity thats not exactly what im looking for sorry :?








Timmy you also thats not exactly what im lookin for..












Alot of entrys but kingcomet looks likes hes in the lead =) Im not makin a final decision until ive seen everyones entry..









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most pixel arists use MS paint, some GG, some PSP ( barely any ) and finally a few use pen tool on Photoshop.








Actually PROPER pixel artists mainly use Graphics Gale only. None and very little use Paint.


Quit RS 2005 | RSN: Johnalder

Back as of 5/7/2008!

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most pixel arists use MS paint, some GG, some PSP ( barely any ) and finally a few use pen tool on Photoshop.








actually ive moved onto Graphics Gale, ive found the coloring system way faster, better and that paint just isnt handy.. and actually moste pixel artists use graphics gale, but moste on this board use paint.. psp is really bad for pixeling, and so is photoshop.

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ok first idk y u want a dead guy floating =p




i didnt have enough room, ill add the kbd, and fix the horns=p




he's lieng down








ok my idk's why do your kbds look like baby blacks if there were some whys he not looking at the dragon its alive and eyes closed i think not

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ok i fixed everything except the person i just want to double check that you want him ther , do u mean pinned up against the wall cause thats what im gunna be doing unless u say so cause if he wer lying down hed be floating in mid-air against the wall here it is without him:kbdkillersample.png








here it is with the guy(hes a little small so hed fit):kbdkillersample1.png


thanks to Etexbleu for the sig

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my entry








looks good smelly but it needs text to it. I wanna see what text ur gonna use and how its gonna come out. :D Looks good though







oh and is it possible if u guys can can you make the text in a flash sequence?




















80+ combat




70+ range




70+ magic

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