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  1. One of my favorite things to do in classic was attend the drop parties in upstairs varrock museum! There was almost always a drop party going on, I tried to go as often as I could to try and snag some lob or ore certs :D Was never too good at it though :P
  2. This whole thing is really just too humorous. Way too many bugs. Think I won't log in for a couple of days lol.
  3. That's awesome, I didn't think anyone would remember me! :D Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I'll be f2p till at least summer time (July), depending on how much I'll play around then. I'm quite intrigued by summoning though, it looks incredibly useful! Thanks Toast! :D The santa is indeed gone. I let it go shortly after I quit. Thanks! Ya, pretty much my whole friendslist is waaay up above me now haha! I guess one can do a lot of training in close to 3 years. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I'm contemplating starting a new one with my current goals, but I think it'd be lame! :P
  6. At least someone remembers me! :D Thanks! Currently going for all 80s right coloumn, f2p for now. Working on mining. I think I prefer the "set it and forget it" aspect of chopping yews to having to pay attention to mining :P
  7. Hey everybody! Well, it is nice to post on the forums again! For those of you who don't remember me, I quit in October 2006 (see attached threads if interested). Since then, I've decided I have a little bit of free time to relax in my busy life, and gaming is one thing I know does that quite well! So I decided heck, I know what I can play! Anyhow, sorry to bore you. Short story shorter, I came back and decided to do some f2p skilling, as that's pretty much all I could do with my empty bank! After kind of getting the hang of things, I realized I was close to 1600 total, and I should make a post on my favorite forums! Which brings us to the achievement! *Sorry to the friends that came, I realized I'm a total noob when it comes to taking pics and missed their messages! They can be read in the chat box :P Why not post a best of bank? Next to nothing, but fun nonetheless! :D Currently, as I find time which is hard while trying to graduate while trying to have a life while being the lead in your high school musical, I'll be casually f2p skilling my way to right coloumn 80's. Please add me back to your friends list if you remember me and say hi! I'd love to chat with you guys again if I have the chance. Well thanks for looking! Post if you remember me or for congratz! And, just for fun... [hide=Levels since coming out of retirement] [/hide] And for more fun! [hide=Old school Oilertay pics + links]Old pics and milestone levels: My old blog: viewtopic.php?f=98&t=487414 My quitting post: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=556725[/hide] Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one :)
  8. Ya, old guys like me need to start coming back :P PM me if you remember me!
  9. OILERTAY. DID YOU COME BACK TO [email protected] I'll add you just incase :twss: Thanks all Sorry big guy. I was bored today so decided to stop by and see how the old forum is. Man, it's been over 2 years now!
  10. What I did was register the gamertag from my comp, then bought a 12 month gold membership card from a local store, and retrieved the gamertag to my box. It was instant for me :S
  11. oilertay

    Speed Runs

    Halo 1, 2, and 3 speed running http://www.highspeedhalo.net
  12. The new maps are alright, it's worth it all just for Foundry and it's forging capabilities, though. I like rats nest though, it's pretty unique to the halo games.
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