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  1. Hey all, back from a years retirement. \:D/
  2. This is the correct reason. Why they still have it in is probably a mixture of everyone elses reasonings.
  3. Grats Adam007 and a bunch of 08'ers I don't know =D>
  4. Please don't correct me on things you haven't tried and tested yourselves, thanks :thumbsup: .
  5. You get EP even without having to risk anything.. Just carry 1 item :roll: .
  6. I'm thinking of buying a phat but I have no idea on what the street prices/market for them is, can someone give me a bit of information of how much i'm going to be spending/how much they actually are (looking at the cheaper party hats).
  7. Did you read the wikipedia on psychology or something? :roll:
  8. I don't think you can take them into PvP. Don't quote me on that though. I am quoting you on it (it's true).
  9. She said she joined the IRC, meaning she joined either under her first name or her runescape name (which also could be girly). Going by what you're saying, she should join the server under "Billy" to avoid being labelled an attention seeker? :roll: I wasn't reffering to the IRC incident in that paragraph, the quote was for my first paragraph. And n_odie some guys think that because there are actually girls out there who are like that.
  10. I don't see the problem really, if I was female I would be happy that people thought I was a guy; the majority of males on the internet are even more stupid and obnoxious than they are in real life (which is bad enough). Point proven. Why would girls want to make it apparent to strangers that they are female unless they are desperate attention seekers, if you actually make friends and talk to people it's obvious what sex they are. I personally don't care if you are male or female, if you are male fine, if you are female fine i'm still going to treat you exactly the same way over the internet.
  11. \ Also the Faruq seems like an interesting concept looking forward to see what they do with it.
  12. I can't tell if this is really good or bad news, it gets rid of 26king but it also gets rid real pkers using expensive 1 items in pvp like GS/Claws, but it also gets rid of 1 itemers :?. Either way claws are going to get dumped big time.
  13. What do I think? I think this belongs in rants.
  14. Can't wait for it, hopefully there is a name swap feature so I can get my original name but if there isn't then that's fine too.
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