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What Minigame worth playing?


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I can sadly, and with great embarressment :oops: , say that I have never officially played a Runescape Minigame; not counting Defenders.








My question is: Which minigame(s) are worth playing? Not looking for 'FUN' exactly, but rather good experience/rewards for the time spend playing them.

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Pest Control is probably the best. You get money and great experience. For every point, you get your skill level squared, then divided by 6. So if I had 70 attack, I'd get 816 exp per point. A good world, you'll get a point in under a minute.

I really wouldn't call it an era. It was more of a definitive time period during which dinstinctive characteristics were expressed in similar ways.


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pest control for exp, most people say cw for fun but for me its trawler (call me crazy) and for cool rewards try barbarian assault (the fighter torso looks awesome lol) thats about it, cept of corse non combat exp from pyramid plunder... thieve exp is great there... but everyone knows that..... right?

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Pest control is a good minigame for xp, pyramaid plunder... and don't forget castlewars! The most fun you will ever have is there! Fight pits is also nice, and try "Trouble Brewing" if you can. The clothes look nice, and the crafting and fm'ing xp is nice. Barrows is an incredible money-maker, but I suggest you have somebody you know who is experienced in it teach you. I was taught by BBQ <3: . Barrows is extremely risky unless you know what you are doing. If you know what you are doing, the only reason you will die is because you lag out or something, which dun happen often :D


Noted raw mackerel drop... Wtfh?

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Try em all, and see what you like.








for me, I keep returning to pyramid plunder, Play the occassional game of PC, didn't get any longterm joy from any of the others...but that was just what I found.








It's definitely worth trying them all though, and then seeing what you enjoy!

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