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Goal of 99 firemaking! 80/99 Important changes!

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good luck. and why is it that respect for a 99 lessens when more people go for it..












i'm going for 99 wc and 99 fm too.








its your levels that you worked for so why should it matter if a ton of people have it but it accually isn't alot when you think about it that the top 10% is 100k so even if 50k people have that 99 thier still better then 9.5/10 people in that skill.








i respect all 99s. and remember most people going for 99s fail but you don't here about them as much as the people that achieve them. think about how many go for 99 cooking.








99 firemaking and woodcutting don't hate on them just because its common i get the deal with 99 cooking/fletching though but thats not the point.




















Thanks for those words of wisdom =D>

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Its all good :P




Dont you have 99 firemaking?












Yea, i do :P




Got it when HEAPS of people wasn't gonna get lol :P








But awell, in the end, easy 99 or hard 99, its still 99 skill :D








And yea, good luck =)

[4Th in Finland to achieve 99 mining. 3Rd of June 2007]

Pixels make me horny.

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Err... Something original and you took firemaking? :uhh:




There has been a straight wave in which everyone are taking it. Glad I took mine before the big wave...








Good luck anyways :thumbsup:




[Ex-Tha Familia3]

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Good luck on your goal.








P.S. I hate your title with a passion, using incorrect grammar isn't cool, it just makes you look like an idiot.








Thanks, and yeah my friend made the title not me. Im gonna change it.

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Hmmm, Sktr4life333, i recognize that name from somewhere...Well anyways don't bail out on 99 Fm, the cape is extremely hot. Good first level 99.








Hmm i wonder where the name green fire42 comes from aswell... :-k

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Good luck i will race you March 23rd idk who will win i will only be able to play an hour a day so we will see








*looks at 92 firemaking*... well im only allowed to play for 2 hours a day but you have an insane advantage on me. And depending on what logs you use could affect the results aswell. So im guessing you will win =;

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