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  1. 9/10 Although it might not matter to you what I rate since I quit already :D But dang these forums are becoming worse everytime I come to check up...
  2. Good luck :D And go get those weird items that I don't know what they are :D *casts vengeance on Nabbagad* Oh and say hi to the others for me? :) God RL is killing me...
  3. Actually would be a good idea... Would help in things like fight pits. There lots of people pot before the fight begins, but I only pot if I know there will be a good fight ahead. Otherwise it's not worth it in my opinion. But sometimes I realize it'll be a big fight, I pot when the fight has already started and some people think you eat and it's not fair in some people's eyes, so you get piled for that. If this were to be implemented, people could see that you pot up, not eat, you would have a smaller chance of getting piled. And that's only one thing : I support.
  4. I don't really mind about the tele points but alchemy... I hate it! I mean alching a few items you get as monster drops or find in bank is ok, but constantly? Blaagh and on top of that you don't get a point per alch :D Very nice! :)
  5. I loved the prayer master sig :( Please make a new sig with that picture? :D But nice work! :D
  6. Oh yeah forgot about my blog :D The break didn't last since the hype for summoning was gone very fast. I got 16 summoning and right now I'm racing for a visage with my friend Xanotex.
  7. Geez, the hacking didn't stop with the trade cap? :uhh: Oh well, but with those stats you should get back on your feet easily. :
  8. Are you sure that u got the the charms from barrows. i did 5 runs to check it but i got none. So if u do actually get the charms they are not really common You kill the bloodworms for kill count and get the charms from them. Not the chest. And barker toads are definitely not a good way to get from 66-99, because you can only have 3 bloated toads at a time (try to catch a 4th and one will escape)
  9. In your sig... There wasn't even a beta version of RuneScape 2 in October 2003... The first beta came in December 2003 and was members only.
  10. Nice :D Keep it up and remember to keep those butterfly net and impling jars ready :D
  11. 25 Cooking and a kitten or cat required (Not overgrown)... All you need is do the list of things the cook needs and then go do Evil Dave (...who is SO TOTALLY EVIL!).
  12. Hi veng =] Items coming into the economy do not create gp. The way things work atm, people who are collecting raw materials are selling them, and alchers arnt buying.. an example of this is why yews have dropped so much, because fletching has been shot in the foot. This causes a good amount of raw materials, but these are not being sold, as jagex are intervining, causing alchers to not want to alch as much anymore, and gp to not be generated as much. and tbh knight zaros is a moron You don't get it. Lets begin with looking at the discussion between primadog and Mr S Scope. Mr S Scope asked : Weird how you speak about misinformation posting rubbish like this though. Firstly tell me how you plan to get 246k marigolds, 149k bloated toads, 139k polar kebbit furs or 35.6k dagannoth hides? I can see the rune bars being buyable but not the other things you mentioned. Primadog said : Same way people get to lvl 99 farming, gathering your own seeds and buying them. If people can run 22,808 times around a circle for an agility cape, I would not be surprised if people can gather that much toads, or kebbit, or dagganoth hides. In this thread, we're talking about gp cost, not time consumed. Now imagine : The people he was talking about, they could be the ones with the materials. The ones with materials start collecting the other materials needed and do it all themselves = money. Now spend time thinking of the ways to achieve money shortage and then spend time thinking of the ways to counter the effect and survive. IF you come up with a money shortage you can't counter then tell me and I most probably will find a way.
  13. Yes, but it only works for stuff with would normally require a saw. And evil stew can raise construction by 5 which could be used instead of tea. But then again +5 is very rare, so I'd go with tea too :D
  14. Or maybe it's not a hint. Maybe it could be just a design for them? :-w
  15. We handled with construction, which was real fast money drain so it took lots of money away. But no, the money will keep coming. The prices change nothing. Pickaxe : Bronze is free and the higher pickaxes don't cost too much more. Pure essence : Free, people mine them. Nature runes : Free, people runecraft them. Yew and magic logs : Free, people woodcut them. Flax : Free, people pick them. Bowstrings : Free, people spin them. Bows : Free, people fletch them. Money : Free, people alch for it. More money coming to runescape! Someone has to obtain the stuff in the first place and they bring the money to runescape! (Alchers too, but without raw materials they'd be powerless alone)
  16. If you gain more than one level in a skill at the same time, it will now tell you "Congratulations, you just advanced 3 summoning levels!" (Which happens after the Wolf Whistle) Instead of the usual "Congratulations, you just advanced a summoning level!"
  17. On a break until summoning hassle settles... Right now it's just connection lost and all that, I have better things to do than waste my time.
  18. That's Ranged Crave :D But yeah it's easy to solo KBD with range.
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