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Goal of 99 firemaking! 80/99 Important changes!

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Now that youve got this far people please just take your time to post even if its just a "good luck" it means alot to me, thanks.








Hi everyone!








For my first 99 i want something original and somehwhat cheap. I thought for awhile and I decided to get 99 firemaking. I joined Azurechaos' 99 fm race to motivate myself. I purchased the willows i need to get 99 that same day.








Edit: i will now be selling my willows and some stuff to get enough ess i need to make 8mill. Ill then buy 99 fm in maples. This was a hard descision to make but my friends have suggested to me buying 99 in maples. Thanks to everyone who helped me make this descision.








Here is my most recent lvl pic: 75fm.jpg








80 80fm.jpg




85 []




90 []




95 []




99 []








And here is my hawt look so you can recognize me when you see me :P
















Edit: ill probally not have this look anymore because ill need all the cash i can get towards 99 fm in maples.








I will most likely be firemaking in world 99 edge but if that gets too crowded ill be at duel arena. My p chat is always on so feel free to give me a hyt!








I hope to accomplish this in a few months, i know it will be slow because im using willows. It will be even slower since i wont be able to play on weekdays due to school, unless its a "special occasion" :wall:








Donations!: Sdn30 - 403 willows :mrgreen:

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Congratz on 75. Good luck on 99, if you work at it, you'll get it. I did with my goal (94 Magic). 99 Edge is a great place to Fm too, it's always fun to meet new tip.iters :)

Quit - October 7th, 2007.

1700 Total, 4 years of RS.


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How many willows do you need to burn?

Youtube user name: birdman258 200MCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers

Going for Level 99 Magic & Level 99 Smithing!!!

Going for 200M Woodcutting exp!!!!!!!

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good luck =p :D

s t 3 v 3 o<-- original rs name. i am now (braa) untill i change it yet again.

give me a hyt some time prive always on..

world 99 home world <3

support scuba st3v3n's blog hes pro at scaping


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good luck. and why is it that respect for a 99 lessens when more people go for it..












i'm going for 99 wc and 99 fm too.








its your levels that you worked for so why should it matter if a ton of people have it but it accually isn't alot when you think about it that the top 10% is 100k so even if 50k people have that 99 thier still better then 9.5/10 people in that skill.








i respect all 99s. and remember most people going for 99s fail but you don't here about them as much as the people that achieve them. think about how many go for 99 cooking.








99 firemaking and woodcutting don't hate on them just because its common i get the deal with 99 cooking/fletching though but thats not the point.

















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