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  1. Runescape is dieing and everyone that plays over 5 mins per day is a nolifer :shades: Nice post and yeah it's good you got your goal then found something else to make you happy - as humans we need variety in life or else mega-boredom. Hi I'm 50 years from the future there is like 100,000 people @ 5b exp and the max exp is 15b so SUOMI is noob.
  2. RS is only a waste of time if played in excess , but you may find that if you quit one game you end up on another game or other leisure activities. Having huge neverending goals makes runescape addicting and gives a feeling of accomplishment also a person can chat to friends in runescape for hours upon hours. I've been on both extremes - Runescape 12+ hours a day and Runescape barely playing. Am I happier without playing much runescape - yes. DO I feel more productive ? somewhat. Do I still waste a ton of time ? YES So no if you stop playing RS 50 hours a week you will not have 50 hours a week of productive time. To have more productive time you have to be determined/scheduled/dedicated on something else that you enjoy/tolerate. But yeah a lot of the time quitting will probably still go to other leisure/relaxing activities. If Rs is feeling pointless/making someone stressed /bored/ people hate training the skill over an over again but still do it because they have this goal then replacing how much time they play Rs will be worth it. If someone still likes Rs and they don't play it in complete excess (this point is different depending on life circumstances for some people 2 hours a day is too much and other people can play 11 hours and still get all their responsibilities done)
  3. age breakdown is not that different than what you'd think. Most people that started at 13-16 are definitely in the 18-25 range. 26+ includes a lot of older people, people that started later. The gender breakdown not that weird. It's a very time consuming game. Most females I met in this game were either moms or super casual players and this doesn't have much co-op ness in it that would make a guy really eager to introduce the game to their girlfriend.
  4. oh god disgusting lol. Wait where is this poll. But I think favorite year probably has a lot to do with what times you had the most time to enjoy the game most. A lot of people are nostalgic about 2005-2007 which was ok but still didn't have the best game play ever and had some bad elements too as well as good but a lot of people had a childlike attachment to the game there and there was more socialization around it - not as much shame to tell your friends about runescape then. 2008-2009 saw a lot of positive gameplay updates to skills and the ge and tradelimit update the Ge was overall positive but made people not have to rely on others as much and the tradelimit made lots of pkers and merchants quit the community was super split and upset about this update, also at this time many people were growing out of runescape and started playing Wow/other games/ just moving on. 2010 saw dungeoneering, kuradels and icestrykes and for me 2010-2011 was the funnest in RS. Effigies came and were the first instance of free exp. While a lot of hardcore people hated effigies it gave maxed players and people close to maxing hope for more exp gains and probably started a lot of peoples wants for more exp past 99 besides the top of the highscore list. Dungeoneering gave more people reason to max and with its level 120 made people join in groups longer to train the skill - if this skill only went to 99 most would probably not get the chance to really enjoy it It created real high level enjoyable content that wasn't just bosses. Then came Sof and the nerfing of effigies- here we set the precedent that rs was pay 2 win and it was really rediculous they made updates and promotions to sof and Solomon store slowly and people against it slowly quit as well. Eoc came and some people really liked it but a lot of people didn't like it at all and the people that didn't like it quit. Then they added 2007 scape and it showed that alot of people still had the addiction/attachment to runescape but didn't like the direction it was going at all. But yeah I think overall people just grew up- had less time time to play throughout the years and rs went through distinct generations and people that start now didn't see the good and the bad. Peoples favorite year of scape will be the one they had the most enjoyment - probably from the time they knew the game enough to like it but not enough that they didnt have anything to do. I vote 2010 -pre sof 2011.
  5. well other games have kind have outclassed RuneScape even with the updates and changes. Say the new skill divination another skill were you watch tv while you let your character do something......something like league you are improving your skill as a player and you are competing or cooperating with other players. The graphics in scape aren't as crappy as before but are still not that great. The Eoc change wasn't liked by many players rs combat could have went in a different direction even if they wanted to change. other digital distribution has changed the way you can access games so rs 5 bucks a month that was raised to 7 bucks a month is no longer the cheapest thing you can get in gaming when you consider f2p games or when you consider buying a game for a few dollars on steam.. SOF /solomons also made rs seem more like a generic f2p game than a subscribtion game. Sof even made it pay to win and that makes it a bit unappealing to people that want fair competitions of their skills. And yeah a bunch of gamers have said that they accually did like rs but they didn't after eoc or alot of people grew out of it just because not having enough time for gaming or if they do game the same or more hours per day they want more out of the expirience.... But putting effort into a skill like dungeoneering made a game like rs stay fresh and interesting compared to "why would I do this skill?"
  6. There is a difference between maxed and total noob though someone who's personal acc that is totally noob as in less than about 2000 total nowdays then that means they may not know as much as they could.... But maxed doesn't neccesarily mean not a noob I mean theres many things you don't learn about scape only maxing. Especially if they are in charge of other updates. But yeah just because they don't have 300 days played doesnt mean total noob.
  7. I would say the people that "grew up" with rs are long quit or late college now I started at 15 lets say others started at 13 or so so maybe midcollege? or if people started in 2004 /2005 in the work world. College you have way more choice over your schedule. Many people also move to other games too especially ones that don't only involve grinding or are more friendly to play irregularly. I think there is much less teenagers though they still are replacing people that grew up with scape though I read a statistic 56% of people have played over 5 years so it probably does mean not many people are coming in fresh. I also Think scape is harder to start fresh I mean you can't really jump in and be able to compete with people that have been playing for years. Other games that have higher fan bases have this problem too but its not guaranteed grinding and it is possible to speed up learning a lot but with scape it isn't really.
  8. You can't even spell Earth so how can you overcome that? I'm limiting myself to about maybe 8 hours a day first week and maybe 5-6 hours the rest of the weeks. :P But yea some players can keep themselves awake longer or feel like only playing RuneScape and that's ok. Many people on the high level forums have expressed similar opinions of noncompeting, playing casually, still training div to 99 though, once 25 people are 99 there is no more fame anyway cause highscores will be experience based again. Like if the skill was earlier in the summer we would see more no lifers. So sacrifice, health, sanity, and maybe school for a month for very temporary fame? Or just play and level and don't care too much about first page? Many maxers choose the second lol.
  9. Dungeoneering especially after occult floors and warped floors. Getting 99 slayer. 200m str. RUnecrafting nature runes to make money. Being F2p. Old school Rs for two months. I think I like Rs better nolifing but it was a great escape during school too. Its happened alot with Rs because generally leveling up is not that high on frustration scale but high on the dopamine scale lol.
  10. Yea idk how it would work with combat and stuff lol....With oldschool combat it would work better. I think they could get away with more microtransactions on mobile.
  11. Yea I mainly play to keep comp cape and chat..200m's don't motivate as much. Thank goodness for Steam Sales though.
  12. So if its only massive gains from the method only a few will be affected......but if its people that just used the method then some people will get banned for a super trivial reason.
  13. I wouldn't be suprised if Rs mobile has no membership and has more microtransactions. IF they could get away with microtransactions on mobile that they didn't have in the PC version and keep Pc version subscribtion/sof/solomon it could appeal to both markets but differently.
  14. better not for hunting cause like people will get banned and you want a few top 15 players gone? no
  15. If its plausible definitely depends on someones playstyle certain people would rather multitask while playing and others totally focus on the exp/hour. Also efficiency happens when you order skill training/use updates before they are nerfed.
  16. Some bias in this cause you've played so much runescape. However I will say that Runescape is definately my cheapest in terms of hours....Playing other games u'll def spend more than 8 a month or 5 if your legacy the gold was 6.20 with some solomon coins...Free games usually have that feeling that you're missing some content. The rs tutorial is awful now ....you do an awesome jagex style quest then the next quest is "use the sof." you get 15 spins and can't open 80% of them! 2007 f2p vs members was still a huge deal starting off the bat as a member in old school vs being f2p in terms of the vast amount of members content but It didn't have the "demoy feel" of current f2p. You could unlock the skills as a member but you didn't have them constantly glow yellow til you pay "demo like" idk much about being f2p now vs then cept that. I probably wouldn't be recommending random people to start Runescape anyway but yea try one month of members is good advice its only 2 bucks for first month if you use paypal and that's cheaper than even games on a Steam Sale. I can say though Runescape gets point for being active as does WoW even though I don't play that that's cheap to try now too 20 bucks for a month + first 3 games and free til lvl 20 instead of 10 days free trial. You put league of legends but that"s a moba and not an mmo. Lets mention some cool f2p shooters tf2 and planetside 2 are those competing with runescape ? Somewhat but not necessarily as different game play genres and styles. Runescape is still unique I dunno if Jagex has numbers on avg stay in f2p before converting to members. For them a short time would be better while for a player they might be wanting to play longer. Like I said Runescape is still mainly subscriber not f2p model alot of the games can't compete in a subscriber model so they go f2p and have microtransactions or just no subscription. MMos are a tricky genre though because they require much more time investment and community investment than other games so another game that was just like runescape but a clone less likely to be successful. "noone buys an mmo to play for a weekend"
  17. Yea the thread "ended" when suomi got 200m all but its still the only thread that I've been reading on tip.it for the past like year or 2 besides some update threads... I think the moderation should be lax cause who's to decide whats offtopic and what's not? It mainly survived so much because of the discussions had on it and the tracking and stalking of top players. Also Splitting the thread into different threads just makes those threads die tbh and is completely annoying to see on the forms "200m in all skills" "blahblahblah split from 200m all skills". Player motivation is definitely on topic as that's like the main obstacle. Generally when a "minitopic" on the thread gets tireing than people will stop posting a couple days then the subject will change on its own. Offtopic stuff already gets policed by the people on the thread just look at when someone ask a question completely irrelevant most people will tell them then say its irrelevant and won't talk about that topic again. The 2 "repeat" topics that used to come up were donations and nolifing and sure they got annoying but they were still related but generally talking about them too much got moderated if thier was flaming going on or something but going offtopic for a page or so is basically the whole topic. Otherwise what is that thread? Top 15 updates every 2 weeks or so, nothing else? Yea I don't support the splitting threads.
  18. That is accually true especcially if they are so upfront about their microtransactions.. Of those I didn't like perfect world but played Vindictus a bit :D. The f2p in Runscape was always lacking still its meant to entice you to subscribe but yea when it started there was much less mmos and much less f2p mmos. It depends on what type of game you want..but yea. I Played f2p about 5 months before buying members I was like 15 or so then decided one day i'd buy it haha.
  19. Skyrim legendary Fallout 3 Fallout Newvegas dues ex human revolution dlc Portal 2 Final fantasy 7 GTA 4 (didnt buy the stories and then said damn but next time maybe) Garrys mod I spent alot on steam in the other past 6 months or so though lol.
  20. maybe this would be a fun thread like 4 years ago, everyone's maxed now. Slayer capes used to be sexy though!
  21. Keep it 200m all skills or call it Top Player Gossip Thread. JD got 200m slaya yesterday- gossip
  22. Waiting for new skill atm playing steam games. When I was really addicted probably the fact that I didn't have a good computer and RS is a great timesink game since I was pretty depressed and had alot of free time too.....I liked slayer preeoc and getting lots of effigies as well as dungeoneering getting to 200m cause it didn't really get boring. So I guess enjoying scape and competition a few years ago 1b exp was rank 110 or so on highscores. I guess enjoyment/seeing the progress is a motivation for any game, so other games would be the story or the "mastering the game" aspect even games with the sole purpose of goofing around you can still make own goals. 200m's don't really motivate me but others are motivated by the true completion aspect of it.
  23. yea just cause its not top 2 doesn't mean players dont compete with eachother. Well I don't but totally used to compete with random friends.
  24. yea generally the ones that want to compete will and the ones that don't won't anyway new skill prob mid-late august so not much chunk of summer left for people that want to nolife in summer....since they said "about a month after rs3" but it could be sooner or later than that
  25. hehe I'm mixed on both. Looking forward to bacon quest. but yea 3-4 small updates = log in see what update is fun for a few hours and spend rest of the time on other games/ real life or big updates liek a skill = hardcoring on rs. But even big quest get completed quite quick lol..
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