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  1. well you cleared up this rumor pretty late. This has been flying around for quite some time I am inclined to wonder what different reasons would lead to more time for rs, only really good reasons for dropping out of school would be in my opinion A) a well paying job that doesn't require high school level education B) not exactly dropping out but graduating early, which would theoretically lead to higher education C) bullying/social issues, but that would be remedied by moving schools/home tutoring etc. D) becoming an entrepreneur, which would require either funds up front or a decent amount of business studies/mathematics knowledge etc, None of those reasons would possibly lead to having more time for rs, as all would require the same amount of time as normal school, or more time i.e college or a career. Other than that there is what?... boredom? winning the lottery? becoming famous thus leading to massive windfall of cash? all would be bad reasons for not completing basic high school level education. EDIT: if I've missed anything obvious please feel free to add them, as I cannot think of any other reasons off the top of my head. For highschool they could live in a bad school district have a learning disability or psychological problem and not every parent has resources or time to home school thier kid. Like Jebrim said the moving issue. And yes the GED is an option and after awhile highschool wont matter especially if you complete college courses later. College i*what I was talking about when I meant quitting school* Financial aid issues, motivation, psychological, social, ect. I think taking the break was ok for me If i had gone back the next semester idk if things would have been worse or better.
  2. there are other reasons to quit school anyway on topic whos pwning this bonus lag central weekend?
  3. People don't quit school to play games Its real life ef's you over and causes your plan for school or whatever to go away and then as a consequence you end up playing the video game a lot. Or if the game is used as a time filler/ escape/coping method then you can end up playing many more hours than you should. But people don't just wake up and say "yo I'm quitting school today to become high on the rs scores" this post will probably get deleted but yea....I hate when people judge and say "blahblahblah quit school for scape" cause 90% of the time you don't know them or their life Just speaking from personal experience here Everyone is in charge of their own life own decisions and whats best for them. Make mistakes, live, learn
  4. guys im getting 200m all skills just kidding im just donating 5 dollars to jagex out of the kindness of my heart 2nd one might be true tho
  5. I quit the game but I can't quit the lobby >.>
  6. bored/burnout are sort of similar if not the same thing. And yea I know the feeling of not enjoying scape anymore ....Basically I've cycled from n0life stages and mostly quit stages since I started. The new skills coming may change things up usually when theirs a new skill you learn who plays the most ect. If Suomi doesn't come back at all I predict the person to get it first will be a player we haven't heard of yet or thats not high on the highscores yet. Jagex is really changing the game with increased micro transactions and eoc so I think they are aiming for a new type of player. Then again the new type of player may not be playing or have the patience to grind out skills. And all 200ms is as grindy as you can get in a game mostly. Oh yea and the reason that the high level forums have such a different reaction is because we get a quitting thread or 2 a week and most of the time its attention seeking.
  7. what game you gonna play now? lol so true.
  8. yea i ur late teens early 20s you have to figure out what to do with your life....I thought n0valyfe quit cause he realized it would never end. Also he was relying on his family for financial support and believe me i know that that can't go on forever. Even if you have the financial means its still a huge time investment and their is lots of things that get sacrificed when gaming hours per day.
  9. Yea I mostly followed it since the begging too its become much more serious over the years. I really hope the new skills are fun/interesting cause eoc is meh....
  10. possible if he doesn't max in 2012 but damn resource gathering skills tend to be slow and new skills are a kick in the face when going for a goal like that. Well I know dungeoneering came out a week before I maxed. And yea there is probably more young people playing runescape.. and it has gotten way faster but parents limit internet time more when 11 or 12 than they do at 15-18+. Like before the avarage person that started took 4-5 years to max and now thats considered slow and it takes 1-3 years if you started today.
  11. The mmo genre as a whole requires more time than most genres. Most of the magic from mmos comes from making friends, ect and many people don't just play it for entertainment but also with an escapist mentality. Instead of beating the game people make their own goals in the game. The reason people judge rs worse than upcoming mmos is because of its age and many people have memories of it from long time ago but still current rs vs current new mmos rs is worse in most peoples opinions. There is a stigma Yea people probably won't call someone a nerd for playing tetris or something but mmos have a much higher time investment. Aren't indie games just combining a couple genres or part of a genre but with a type of developer that can try new things instead of just the same old? Runescape also is a game widely tried but people don't put enough time to get into it or see that the large time investment ins't worth it. I have 15k hrs in this game did I waste it? Maybe. Generally Rs doesn't have as much action as other games 1k hrs on scape vs 1k hrs on another game would have a different feel. So if you are used to other types of games RS may not be your type of game.
  12. lol some random newspaper .We don't know the standard deviation or anything so its kinda useless too. But if thats all young people not just gamers then that means as gamers our hours on scape aren't too wierd when you think about it.
  13. average young person racks up 10,000 hours of gaming by the age of 21
  14. That makes 16,5 hours a day on average. Are you sure about this..? Yep. He's been #2 for hours/year for several years now. Drumgun has been #1 although idk about this past year. It's why I've been saying since 2009 that Suomi would inevitably become #1 Overall in the long-term and be the only person to ever get 200m in all skills. I still think so. Suomi doesn't do burst nolifing though. He consistently does around 110-120 hour weeks. Skiller 703, Drumgun, and myself all have big week records that are better than his. We've set 150h+ week records. Suomi hasn't. Drumgun sets all sorts of records. Skiller and I are more similar. We'll set a record and then drop off the radar again. I considered myself retired until this past week where I set a new Agility record on Runetracker with about 21 hours/day. It's the first one I've done like that in 2 years and will probably stop again idk lol. super extreme nolifing for a week is not as badd as constant nolifing for more than a year and the latter = more regrettable. But yea that is why noone will get 200m all for at least 2.5 years after him.
  15. Wait until college mate. bloody 200 dollar textbooks... OT: I'm curious as to what impact there would ever be if the 200m xp limit were lifted. Doubt it will happen, but people doubted 200m all stats. Probably rich maxed dicers (or whatever it is now. Flower poker?) buying billions of prayer/herblore exp at almost 1m/hour for rank 1 and it would become silly. If total xp capped at 200m contributed from each skill (so still max 5b) but individual skills had finite but arbitrarily large limits then there probably wouldn't be much change except dicers spending billions to stay rank 1 prayer/herb. The daily/weekly records would, in time, become ridiculous as people spend dozens of millions of dg tokens at once. I believe that there probably are some 200m accounts with 30-40m tokens at least already. Maybe Jebrim would quit/overtake Romeo for #1 and finally have closure with the Agility skill. Even if they removed the cap I doubt they have tracked additional xp, as in the case of Jake/Suomi cannoning and botters hunting. And goddamn about those college textbooks. 6 textbooks of $75ish each for just one semester.. If they raised it total exp should be capped at 200m per skill but it would increase competition. I don't think they track additional experience so people with lots of additional experience would probably be pissed. Would prob make some people go back to dungeoneering. Books are a pain on the bank account but at least you can choose when you study and when your classes are.
  16. scape is boring :P but yea i fail at multitasking sometimes. Combat is good afk if monsters easy and aggressive another reason to dislike the evolution of combat update.... but there a good balance of afk and totally concentrated things :P
  17. yea 123k+ is rate i hear from a pro person :P
  18. some players do it cause of effigy combos and whatnot eg jdelacroix with thieving dragonseance said he wants to get his 200ms in a specific order, with combats first, so he's holding off on cooking and fletching also assigned lamps from squeal of fortune
  19. ftsssg is the proest name ever about the moneymaking he doesn't assume people do the most expensive possible just the most expensive realistic method.
  20. woah its almost been a year since compcapes lol
  21. no reason to really speculate "if someone does all buyables and all afks" just wait til they actually do them :P
  22. What about jdela? He is a girl hes a guy anyway green098 is an embarrassment to girls :P
  23. Well in other games with micro transactions people spend money on them /micro transactions becomes the normal way to play. Most people don't see the point of spending money on spins but as u can see some people still spend on them there are other micro transactions they can sell that will have more value to players like if they sold loyalty points definitely people would buy them cosmetic rewards/emotes/aura collecting. So Valuing Rs = prob spend more money it assuming they have Rl money to spend. Valuing Rl = less money to spend on scape. But in general spins the only benefit is exp so most people that train for exp aren't gonna spend bucks or w/e per mil exp in a skill...
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