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  1. they said they wouldnt raise any skills to 120...That would just encourage mega grinding...but yea may people have epic combat stats :P
  2. that would be kinda epic lol. I was saying food is not as useful as it was pre summoning and pre soulsplit. Those updates ruined food more than jsut eoc.:P skills are one thing that makes rs unique though.
  3. Skills used to be more useful back when runecrafting made tons of money, before pvm, gambling, ect. Overtime thiers become much less use for skills such as smithing = less use for mining too. You don't eally need much food for combat cya fishing and cooking. SUmmoning was more useful preeoc. Slayer was more useful before eoc and before dungeoneering. dungeoneering is useful but then you get the weapons and then not as useful, but dungeoneering was more useful before eoc. fletching was useful when it was profitable. thieving was useful when it was profitable. combat skills are useful....but rs has become more gear based than level based with eoc... herb more useful pre eoc. pray more useful pre eoc agil more useful back before all the run updates What am I missing? farming? I guess u can make money at higher levels planting herbs but the best way to train is making trees construction useful for training prayer which is less useful in eoc. Haha explains why I play other games :D. The gameplay style of rs and skill training is more suited for people of habit that enjoy training skills/multitasking maxing and beating rs will take you longer than most other games. However thier are many other games that also take awhile to learn and beat that will give you the same achievment and timespan for awhile. However skilling isnt as focus intensive as say raiding in other games so if u like talking to friends in pm alot its fun :D. I have no idea what its like to start today but besides quest which have low skill requirements most skills arent really "useful". OK I remember more skills that I forgot mage: pretty awesome for killing stuff, however back in oldschool you had to train mage for teleports or have fun walking and high alcemy was a big part of scape. range:Its ok hunter:just a skill to train chins used to be an awesome range weapon also can get spikes for range pots extreme. Besides skills being useless especcially to train all the way to 99 , I enjoyed getting all 99s but 200m's are totally lame for me. There are a couple reasons to play rs. -friends, socializing -always being updated- although not always the updates you want lol....thats still a bonus. -great for the multitasker/achiever type. -quest are sometimes funny Haha this post was originally gonna say "HOW dare you call skills useless, N00b" cya and have fun whether you choose to scape or play fun steam games or rl it up.
  4. Didn't they say like 75% + accounts have been shared at least once? I think they let that as risk vs reward tbh I think its less harmful to other players than the other rules.
  5. I Got muted lol, and now I remember what it was for. They should just leave it up to reports and stay the heck out of private chats.
  6. lol I got that message when I maxed all but dg they took it out when objectives got changed to achievements
  7. I want the new skill so I can stop wasting money on steam games :P
  8. 99 some no name 200m idk depends how afk it is.
  9. so bleh....though I wanna see alog for 07scape that'd be sorta interesting lol. oh I mean that its possible to max so fast now is bleh, on the other hand its good - nolifing definately sucks...... They said the new skill is a throwback to oldschool skilling anyone else think that is code for slow? Slow wouldn't be too bad might be more competition.
  10. Its more about the fact that there hasnt been a new skill for 3 years. Same thing happened between summoning and dungeoneering. 2 new skills in a short amount of time will be good for the game. Definition of high level really depends on the skill. For combat skills like melee 99 definitely but playing old-school you realize the early levels aren't necessarily total cake I'd say around 90 for most skills 99 for common skills like cooking. But yea the game has been out for over 10 years. I've personally had my acc 7 or so years I got all 99s in 4 years. Now many skills have changed even more and if you look at old school you can see that its really not that bad to get a semi-decent acc within a few months so if you play for 2 years you most likely will have some good stats. Slayer dg's are always cool - would be interesting to see what kind of armor they give f2p it will maybe be in the 65-75 range.
  11. More games going on than fingers and toes and accidently keep buying them lol but when I was playing alot of runescape I was mostly only scaping.
  12. yea they stopped updating because rs too easy and sof it was interesting while it lasted + they took f2p people off the highscores so even lamer the virtual level thing. There's 2 starvivs too yo.
  13. Yea but he only is tracking the active top 15 :P
  14. You can still blood barage them. blood barrage errything
  15. Runescape originally had the lure of do whatever you want and it still is and yes their is a big world to explore but the grinding probably hurts it alot. I was thinking 99 pssh easy 80 pssh easy but then Playing 07scape a bit I remembered how long it takes to level. You can know how to play all you want but rs is still hours and hours of grinding. Yea stats on new players would be interesting but it would also be interesting to know how many of those new players are bots..ect. There are probably actual new players coming to the game but based on peak players the number of players quitting vs coming in is definitely on an upward trend. Actual new players may have a stigma about the game or they could try it. It will always have outdated graphics ect. On the other hand eoc is probably more familiar to a veteran of free mmos and less offputting then "i click monster! watch character hit 0-1's" "I leveled and can now hit 2's! oh yaH" Exploring the world is part of the fun for any game. Runescapes world is vast but there are still the locations you'll spend all your time in eventually. As for people staying 1 month 3 months 1 year. eh Runescape players put way more hours into it than almost any other game. :P Look at the website wasted on steam- yea steam timers aren't as accurate as Runescapes timers but while a bunch of top players have 15000 + hours on scape only 1 or 2 have that on the most popular game elsewhere. (also it only has 10400 people tracked that site but still) World of Warcraft can maybe compete but not really not as many players have played that for 8 years. On the other hand Rs is sorta afk so you cant really compare all the hours to other games but yea. The time commitment would turn people off but you cant really change that without changing more of the core of RS. RS appeals to people that like progression and leveling - a lot of people I met in RS aren't really the typical gamer and RS is more of a habit/part of life vs splitting the hours into tons of different games. Someone already got 200m all skills so if your goal was skiller highscore chaser as a noob that will be completely impossible for you.
  16. Interesting. I don't know the amount of new players that start the game. Dungeoneering in general is a higher level skill though. But yea it would be kinda complex to learn. The amount of new players not coming in compared to new bots was a problem before eoc. If you had just played 07 where everyone started off as a noob then yea you would feel alone starting in 13. Yea its annoying how much more gear based 2013 is.
  17. Ones that don't have an annoying persons voice acting like they take rs so serious. I don't really watch that many rs videos. Pk videos with a good soundtrack even though I haven't pked in years maybe.
  18. what do you expect from video game videos? and yes they do keep messing up eoc its not as straightforward and they have lots of leeway to change stuff
  19. yes (damn u jagex u got me playing again) And I stayed at home a year because of personal reasons, spent many many many hours on runescape, way more than currently, I lost weight, House was cleaner than it was than when I'm at school instead of at home. But I still definitely prefer being in college than being at home nolifing rs and not being in college. The weight came back + more at college, pretty sure having not enough calories per day did slow metabolism + make me ravenously more hungry at school......There are other ways to make healthy choices besides nolifing scape all day. Btw monster is horrible for you. Yes only 20 calories is still horrible for you they even have a warning on the can. (I drink it too though) However scape is definitely good for relaxation. You can multitask it way easier than other games. But I've noticed you really don't get thaaaat much more productive by simply quitting scape, I've been in school 4 semesters since that year at home. FIrst semester, good grades shitty social life, Second semester, shitty grades nice social life (though not really any good friendship ties) third semester, Got addicted to kongregate, decent grades. current semester, damn 07scape, ok grades..... But the brain stuff - pssh go study. Socail life stuff - involves confidence and meeting people - however if you are highly introverted, like myself, its ok to spend most of your time alone. But yea there is a difference between Obsession, addiction, and just playing alot for fun. And yea its hard to know when you crossed those lines, different people have different opinions on how much is too much. If this was about being a closet scaper or not. Well I'm pretty closet scaper but some people know.
  20. I thought it was the 11th birthday? But isn't it pretty obvious why it was in better shape then than now. There was much less competition in the free mmo market. They changed the game alot for the worse (imo). Many of the loyal players have grown up. While it gained lots of attention through miniclip/other game sites Idk if it has now. Also word of mouth. Many people around ages 12-18 started runescape around 2004-2007,(2006 here) Their game was simple and unique. Also I think since we know that it takes a bit to get a new acc. Microtransactions are similar to other mmos....There is really no reason to recommend others to the game. SO no wonder they have much less active members than back then. Personally I payed for a year on my main - anticipating the new skills but have been playing 07 alot.(damn u jagex) Probably a smart move on there part to release 07. yea I think most of it is to escape eoc but the other part is nostalgia, other part is competition and starting fresh again. Competition when theres so many people @ 1b exp and money is everything = not fun. Starting fresh = fun. While I'm a bit disappointed that they allowed game to game trust trades its still funner to do levels vs 200m goals and stuff, for me at least. Personally I didn't expect as many active players , nor did I expect to get so addicted myself. I thought most people would leave when they saw all the things they missed that were missing. Many convenience elements will be missed, such as bank updates and tab to talk. But yea its not just eoc just the lack of appealing updates since maxing dungeoneering. Many of the top eoc players are previous top dungeoneers or efficiency players. Ok this wasnt meant to be a rant but yea I really like the oldschool version.
  21. There is a thread about 99 all skills in 07 which was achieved but it wasn't in as much as a race ect. But yea the topic of this thread 200m all has been achieved cept that 1 exp rofl unless u wanna discuss which pro will get 2nd place. I'll miss the updates even though I didnt always read them all.
  22. probably more of maxed players that stopped playing or don't care as much about exp.
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