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construction question


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It's been awhile since I've used construction so I'm looking for a little help.








How much will it cost to turn 20,000 oak logs into oak planks?




(Oak logs already in possession..)








How much does the butler cost and how does it work? I've never quite understood it. Is it faster than running to the bank for planks over and over?

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5 mil, and i think each butler is different in price, im not sure on that part though

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The sawmill operator charges 250 gp each to make your oak logs into planks. All I know for sure is the Demon Butler charges 10k gp for every 10 or so chores he does for you which can include running logs to the sawmill - up to 26 at a time.








However, because you already have your logs banked if you use the butler you will have to have him go to the bank to unnote your logs and then send him to the sawmill so that will cost you quite a bit in wages in the long run.








I have seen others post about using the baloon system for quick plank making.

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