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  1. I love this information and analysis. Thank you for being so generous.
  2. So which is the right one? Anyone know?
  3. I agree, swamp lizards are really fast. Try not to slip into a coma from boredom though. Actually, all of the net trapping is relatively quick I've found.
  4. Very, very nice layout. I would be inclined to switch the location of the quest hall and the dining room so that your glory is adjacent to your garden/entry portal and to locate your second portal room off of your garden as well. Then you have a very effiecient means to charge prayer and teleport anywhere possible within just a few steps of entering your house. Thanks for posting this :)
  5. The mith glove stats are a bit better in terms of attack and defense bonuses, although the strength bonus is the same as a combat bracelet. There are five subquests needed for mith gloves and the ones you can complete without gaining any defense experience are listed in my post above.
  6. Is it the muddy key? That is the key that opens the chest at the end of the lava maze, if that's the one you are asking about.
  7. Chartres


    Range them. There are a few safe spots. Broad arrows should hit somewhere between mith and addy depending on your ranged level. Meleeing them is tedious because they can hit hard and you have to use that ridiculous spear that doesn't hit well so you have to bank too often for food, in my opinion.
  8. Keep in mind that garden pie raises your farming by 3 levels. This is a great tool for planting trees at a lower level. Once you start reaping the experience from trees you will be at level 30 in no time at all.
  9. East of the volcano, south of the fishing pier.
  10. Save the following characters: Skrach Dwarf Goblins Pirate Pete Evil Dave
  11. Taken from the RuneScape Knowlege Base: "Black Mask Black masks gathered from the corpses of cave horrors give a couple of bonuses when worn. Firstly, they provide Attack and Strength bonuses similar to a Salve Amulet when fighting your Slayer assignment. Secondly, the masks contain 10 spells that can reduce your opponent's Defence by 3-10 levels each time, regardless of whether they are your Slayer assignment, any other monster or another player. When the 10 spells are used, the mask and its natural bonuses will remain. " Note the last sentence.
  12. If you have criteria for trading with players why not make sure they meet it before engaging in a trade with them? That would save both parties time and frustration.
  13. Nope, it's the one before that where you tossed the Paladin badges.
  14. I posted this in the update thread but thought you might want it for your guide.
  15. That eagle on the upper level of the vine maze looked very familiar to me and indeed I discovered it is part of the transportation system from Eagles Peak. I went straight to the Eagles Peak quest end and found the Karamja Eagle there, used a rope on it and was flown to the vine maze. Not sure if you can go both directions yet or if you have to go to Eagles Peak first for the initial flight.
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