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How does the Ectofuntus work again?


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It's been ages since I last used the Ecto for prayer.... But I've forgot the process.... All's I can remember was crushing bones and filling pots with something. #-o








Thanks in advance.








- Denic.

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Its a bit tedious... look it up in the payer guide for more details....








get bones -> crush bones -> collect in empty pot








get buckets of slime








worship ectofuntus (wear ghostpeak amulet!) and collect ecto tokens.








TIP: buy buckets of slime from charter boats each time you use them. Saves a lot of running.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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Yeah, if you can afford it buy a guilded altar. The exp per bone is slightly lower, but you can process 5 times as many bones in the same time.








I can manage 250k exp per hour this way with D bones. Never used the Ecto ever since since it's too tedious.

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If you ecto you are wasting your time. Just go on the rs offical fourms and find someone having and open house and you there guilded alter. Its only 350% more xp with all burners lit but about 20times faster then ecto.

I dont have a sig anymore =[

But I did manage to get every skill in the highscores

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