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infinite prayer!!!


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A friend told me he could use infinite prayer if you:




-click on a prayer icon (like protect form melee)




-click on skill cape emote (without skill cape on)




-a box will appear saying you dont have a cape equiped, if you leave this box in your chat sreen, your prayer wont drain.








I know it's not much of a big deal, because if you walk or get attacked the box dissapeares and your prayer gets drained again.








I already sent this to jagex so dont bother reporting it.

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Pretty much just a harmless bug. If you are praying to prevent being attacked, it won't work because the box will disappear when attacked. Anyway, just for your info, your prayer does not drain when you are in a conversation.

Strangely with WotLK so near, I wished I could delay it a bit to push through that last TBC content in MH/BT :'(.

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nah you can watch for pkers this way...


^^ click my sig for my lesser ranging guide ^^

jwrm22: 4816th > 99 cooking 100% f2p !1172 total! + 140mil in items.

i dont play anymore... i think rs is ruined

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Now I know why I don't follow the instructions to do stuff like this. It is too insane, and also would be breaking "Rule 4: Bug Abuse"... *sigh* -.-








~Mr. Devnull

tifuserbar-dsavi_x4.jpg and normally with a cool mind.

(Warning: This user can be VERY confusing to some people... And talks in 3rd person for the timebeing due to how insane they are... Sometimes even to themself.)

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Guest kingmanic12

The best thing that would be for is using Rapid Restore and Rapid Heal. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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