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ok some f2p pure questions


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Ok well iam f2p and iam a pure








i have 60 strength and 1 def and 40 att








should i keep training strength to 65 or higher even??








should i start training my range? and to what lvl








is mage ever gunna come in handy?








and if mage is gunna come in to play when what is my range and str




supposed to be at before I start maging??












so what am i to do now i dont want to screw this up at all also iam gunna be a p2p pretty soon and i dont want to screw up any chances of being




the best kind of pker you can be for p2p .

Shrux (Pure), Arkex (Main)

you can IM me for coal always mining with ark

or if you want to team with me IM Shrux

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Train strength as high as you want. Higher hits are always welcome when PKing. :P








Training range to 40 can be useful for green d-hide chaps and vambraces (no body, 40 defense and Dragon Slayer is required for that), or to higher levels for attacking.








Magic can be used for binding (or teleports <_< >_>), or attack spells at higher levels.








It really depends on what kind of pure you're going towards.

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I have calculated what you need to level up:








For combat 36, you need either:








3 defence or hitpoint levels




3 attack or strength levels




6 prayer levels




69 magic levels




69 ranged levels








As you can see, you can literally pump your ranged and your magic lvls to 99, without gaining much combat levels. All that you will gain is HP lvls, which is good. (I didn't take in account your HP lvls, so it's normal that the combat lvl is higher than 36)








What I would do is:




99 Ranged (for high HP)




99 Strength (best damage)




Xx magic (put what you need, it's useful for teleportation spells and other things)




60 Attack (for dragon weapons when you're member)








Eventually, you will want 40 def, which will help you get hit a lot less damage when training, and in members you get to wear a lot of cool things when your lvl 40 defence (such as figher torso, barrows gloves, etc)








With those stats I can garantee you'll be a real savage beast.

2480+ total

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^ This guy above me, completely clueless on the combat system. Just ignore what he said after you get 69 ranging levels your range would be your dominate stat, by the way, hereÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s how it works








Range/mage x 1.5 = att + str








So... in conclusion, at 40 att and 80 str you can have 80 range and not a single combat level (40+80=120, 80x1.5=120) Keep that in mind when your planning out your pure.




Magic is good for getting around, magic defence, and KOing people with fire blast (lv 59), but I prefer r2h.




Range is good for green hides, a fast constant barrage of 7s and up (depends on the level).












Ahh now that the theory is out of the way, the practical:




Attack to 60 (70 if you would pk with a whip)




Str to 80+




Def 1








If youÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢d like these always help




70+ range for black d hide chaps




85+ magic for teleblock, no more tele noobs or for icing people!








Now thats good eats, ouch... all that typing...








Edit: o yah... wrong forum too, do graveyard advice next time.

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Hey that's not nice!




At high combat lvl it doesn't matter how high you get your ranged and magic, it just doesn't make u gain any combat lvls.








And I reckon most of what I said is right. And he will need 40 def, he's gunna die like a fly when training with 1 def. Imagine killing lvl 90+ monsters with 1 def and iron armour, lol \'




Besides, he will want the fighter torso str bonus, barrows gloves str bonus, and 45 def for berserker helm bonus.








Also, 70 att is only good when you have maxed str, because you can't train str with the whip. Get 60 att, train with d weaps until your 99 str, after that you can get your att to 70 and start getting up your attack using the acurate option of the whip.








I say more useful and rite things than you do nerdy person who posted before me =P

2480+ total

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F2P pure, so no messing with whip or D-weapons.








If keeping with a melee based pure, then 40 ranged for green dragonhide chaps and vambs, soon as you like (unless intending to use cheapskate iron armour throughout). This might get an extra HP or 2, good or bad depending on the argument of a longer lifeline, or gaining an extra combat level (1 HP = 1/4 combat level).








Weakening and cursing mage to 25, opens up a teleport, while increasing magic also increases resistance to magic.








The alternative to secondary range or magic, is to go for an all-out hybrid, in whic case, you would generally want approximately equal combat level calculations for the two skills that you hybrid - eg. Range/R2H, though this means dying with more kit. Pures in the wilderness are in a "kill or be killed" situation, and using ranged effectively means you must be attacking first.

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