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From Nomad, to Pest Control, to Treasure Trails...

Posted by Dax, 17 January 2010 · 535 views

Nomad Quest Dang Void.
Howdy folks, time for another entry/rant about my daily RuneScape life.

Well, as you've heard, either from ranting unexperienced questers or show-offy type people, that Nomad is one hell of a boss. Well, he is. A few days on, and I still haven't beat him.. My maxed friend told me he beat him using some sort of combo including Void armour, and my other friend with similar stats, only higher, said he beat him with a Hand Cannon/Bandos Gosword combo. So, not having Void at my disposal, I took him on like my friend took him on (He won too, damn him), I would have gotten him dead too, if it wasn't for that meddling lag!

After this failure (Which I worked out was my dad online and my brother online PS3-ing MW2) I decided i'd mix the two techniques together, so I took myself over to World 144 and embarked on my epic quest to finish my Void set. (Having Void top and gloves from another 'epic' quest to get it) I have around 40 games to win before I complete the set, but boredom took over and i've decided to clean up my bank a bit, which starts with a clue scroll.

Now, i'm sitting at the G-E waiting for some Snakeskin Chaps to buy. Until next time, ~Daxter.

Aw, Poor daxter I'll sell you my chaps in you need em cause your 1337 and Bloody nomad is a pain in the [wagon] Amirite?

Aw, Poor daxter I'll sell you my chaps in you need em cause your 1337 and Bloody nomad is a pain in the [wagon] Amirite?

They bought after a break, in which I watched American History X. :thumbsup:
I'd really cry for you now lol :cry:

Since I beat him with BGS/Hand cannon setup, I'd tell you, we have close stats (EVEN THOUGH I STILL PWN YOU)
You really don't need the known Void, I myself can't be bothered :o
Also, I thought you were dead lol, 3 texts sent and none back in return SHAME ON YOU!

Meh, other News <3:
You should be on tomorrow for 98 Defence Picture :D
Try harder please and sorry for this but TWSS (God I still love Scrubs) :twss:

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