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Poetry for Her



The Storm


The forecast was made months in advance,

You can never be truly ready, but you always have a chance.


That chance was mine - taken by me,

The choice to stand while others flee.


Wind picked up, air grew cold,

Chilled to the core, the weather grew bold.


The storm hit, I remained, I felt alone,

Wind of frost meeting one as stubborn as stone,

One who would not leave, One who could not move from home,

Nomad I was not, nowhere would I roam.


If not for the thoughts running through my head,

Living off of hopes and dreams, I'd otherwise be dead.


The wait was long, longer than one would expect,

So much time to think, so much time to reflect.


Answers were found to questions I never had,

Happiness grew from things that made me mad.


It's hard to say what went on that night,

All I know is the wind did blow and the frost did bite.


A dead silence woke me from my sleep,

The storm had passed, no more could it reap.


Like a phoenix from the ashes, I crawled from the snow,

The world had not gone, trees still stood waiting for Spring to grow.


What I had not forseen was this,

Like a lost lover, the sun on my cheek did kiss.


White flakes fall to the ground,

Landing softly, making no sound.


No feeling of wind on my skin,

Ice covered lake, both fish and fin.


I can see no one for miles,

Yet I can't help but smile.


You see, the calm before the storm is what people fear,

The calm after the storm is what I am experiencing here.




This was a poem written about my friend, when she got out of a bad relationship with

another guy and her and I started seeing eachother. My first poem I wrote with her as

my inspiration. I believe this was written in early December.





Into The Dark


I wander out into the dark

Into the quiet night

A land without any painful mark

A land without any painful sight


My whole world has become black

A change from colour and light

I've been told to turn around and come back

Been told that I am not right


Why can't I stay out here?

A place where your words have no bite

My new home without fear

A place where I can escape your fight


This is where I will find my lover

This is where we will unite

So much left for us to discover

Internal fire about to ignite


This is where I will stay

You were too short of sight

Your tomorrow is another day

My tomorrow is another night




This poem was written in similar context to my first. This was written at a similar

time to the first poem. I'd have to say a couple weeks later when things started

to get more serious between her and I.





The Artist


I have a story to tell,

It's written by you.

In your mind it does dwell,

My hand it comes through.


Not written with letter or word,

No use of text or ink.

To life it is referred,

You and I it can link.


See what you choose,

Choose what to see.

You are my muse,

You set it free.


I can paint the past,

Present and future too.

See life through my tinted glass,

See the sky in a deeper blue.


You see, every thought is one of a kind.

Talent can not be bought, but everyone has a mind.


So use your mind, and use it well.

If not, to the world you are blind, and without world there is hell.




This one was just written for fun, near the end of December. She painted a me

a picture that was to relate to poetry, and I wrote a poem for her that was to

relate to her painting. It was kinda thrown together one night for a good time.





I'll Be There


When your sky darkens from hurt and pain,

I'll be there to kiss you in the rain.

To hold you close when you are sad,

To hold you back when you are mad.


At the end of the tunnel, I'll be your light.

For you I am always willing to fight.

I'll be there to dry away your tears.

I'll show you how to overcome your fears.


I care about you for who you are inside.

Around me there is nothing that you need to hide.

Always at your side standing strong,

Even when everything seems to go wrong.


With every hug I can barely let you go,

Every kiss different, like a flake of snow.

These words are my feelings, plain and true.

Trust in me, as I trust in you.




I wrote this poem around the beginning of January when she wasn't sure how

she felt. She knew she felt strongly for me, but still had feelings for her ex-bf of

3 years. I understood this, but just reinforced the trust she could have in me.

I also hand-wrote a very nice copy of this poem for her for Valentine's Day,

even though we are no longer together.





A Chance


You might be scared, weary of the unknown.

I know it's hard, doesn't yet feel like home.

I felt it too, although at a different time.

How much trust can you put in words of mine?


Scared of the future, scared of what I might be?

So much you don't know, so much left to see.

Do you get what you see? Do you see what you get?

Things seem so fast, we've barely even met.


Compare and contrast, looking at the good and bad.

Don't try to predict times that we have never had.

Just live your life one day at a time.

Give me a chance like I give my poem rhyme.




I wrote this poem in a time that she was uncertain about us. I know myself to be

a good person. She continually told me that she couldn't see any bad qualities

within who I was, and that's what scared her. She was scared for the future,

scared that something bad would have to happen to even everything out.

I personally felt it was ridiculous, but there is little to be done about that.







I should be upset, I should be mad

Then I think about the good times had


You might not be here like you were before

You might not be coming to my door


Might be a while until I get a kiss

Being around you is what I'll miss


I only hope to see your smile

Even if I have to wait a while


I'll do just that, live with you on my mind

The time I spent with you, god was being kind


You've shown me a lot, I want to see more

I wait to see what else is in store


I hope you find yourself, I really do

Then I hope you find me here, waiting for you


Don't feel like you're holding me back

You allow me to find what I truely lack


So until that day, when my mind is once more read

I'll be rolling one thought through my head


Not sure if it was told to me, or something I just tell myself.

Either way it helps me sleep, it helps me keep my health.


You see, there's this funny thing about fate.

Know that good things come to those who wait.




A couple weeks later we both felt that maybe she should spend some time out

of a relationship, since she had spent her entire teenage life within one at one

time or another. I wrote this poem within the hour after our decision.







As much as I think you're aware, there's some things I want you to know.

Reading this might make you scared, but this is what I want to show.


Know that I don't mind standing out in the rain.

Know that I'm not scared of feeling any pain.


Know that I will protect you any possible way I can.

Know that when others would walk, I'm the one who ran.


Know that I can understand what you say and feel.

Know that I am the one who's feelings are real.


Know that everyday you teach me something new.

Know that I spend my nights thinking about you.


Know that I'll be waiting longer than a little while.

Know that you're one of the few who can make me smile.


Know that you're beautiful exactly as you are.

Know that my words are true, and actions reach far.


Know that I'd put you even before myself.

Know that talking about things leads to good health.


Know that it takes time to feel a certain way.

Know that you have the time to reach that day.


Know that I am not angry. Know that I have no regrets.

Know that my feelings will last until my final sun sets.




I wrote this one a few weeks later when she told me that she was going to try things

with her ex again. It broke my heart because of the things that he did to her, so I just

let her know how I truly felt, just so she could look back on it in the future and remember me.





First Time Again


I thought I loved you, thought I felt all I could.

Told myself not to let it get stronger, even if I should.


I was sure I had felt it all, from our first kiss to our last.

We had lost our meaningful talks, watched you fade to the past.


I noticed you were holding back, and I didn't make you stop.

I didn't want to force you, even though it made my heart drop.


We started talking again, feeling how it did once upon a time.

Yet looking in your eyes, I could see you felt it was a crime.


I held you close that night, the rules we did bend.

Looked into your eyes, then we kissed for the first time again.


I felt your heart beat quickly, as if you were about to die.

I heard your breathing quicken, saw a tear in your eye.


I know that you felt it too, a deeper feeling than before.

Something unsuspected, you felt it to the core.


It took our breaths away, it made me feel weak.

We talked for a moment, then another kiss I sneaked.


I showed you how I felt, and lips you did lend.

We kissed once more, for the first time again.


The feeling was just the same, even though minutes ago

we had lived through that moment, and felt our hearts grow.


After that, we said goodnight, tomorrow is another day.

You let me know how you felt, removed the cloud of grey.


I spent the next day thinking of you, thinking of what might be.

Asked myself if anything changed, if she would come back to me.


You said you couldn't despite what you feel, as if it wasn't your choice.

I knew that answer could not to be real, that wasn't an honest voice.


I came to see you that night too, whispered in your ear.

I will always be true to you, there is nothing for you to fear.


This time you turned your head to mine, and my lips I did lend.

That night that we kissed for the first time, the first time again.




While her and her ex were back together, her and I still visited eachother. We happened

to kiss a number of times. These were the first 3 moments that happened within 2 days

after a couple weeks of not feeling the touch of one another. It was definitely a thing to

remember. Never have I felt such a feeling with any girl I've been with. It was beyond

physical and mental. I only hope to feel it with a girl again someday, and that she feels

the same, as this girl did in that moment.







Lost in my world, lost in the light

Found a path, a path into the night


Left behind the heartache, left behind the pain

Locked away the feelings that drove me insane


Rebuilt my walls, in the fortress of my mind

A castle in the dark, one only I can find


Star filled nights, never interrupted by days

Skies clear like my thoughts, no more cloudy haze


Air crisp and cool, like a fresh spring rain

Dreams sprout like flowers, beauty they contain


I can see what once could not be seen

One day my world will have both king and queen


Someday I'll lead you here, whoever you might be

But for now I live in my castle, my castle in the land of me




This poem was written today. For the past week I have been able to be rid of my

conscious feelings for her. It has been roughly 2 months since we stopped seeing

eachother in any intimate way. I know if I think about her, the feelings will come

rushing back. I know that I will never entirely brush this moment in my life aside,

but it feels good to at least write it out and make myself think I can lock it away.


Recommended Comments

Yeah I agree with Shahdie's-like-a-melody.

It's really great, keep writing!

There's nothing worse than an amazing poet ceasing to continue their great work o.O

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Thanks. I appreciate the comments. It'd be nice if everyone that read them commented, then I could get a better idea as to what people think, and if I should post more.

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Wow I feel...mixed emotions. I feel like a girl who just got proposed to then broken up with a minute after. It's a roller coaster of emotions and I think you were able to convey your own feelings through your poetry (I feel it, I really do...and no it's not just gas). And I didn't even read the the description/narrative of each poem!


You know that feeling when you're close to crying and your throat hurts and your chest heavy, that's what you gave me D.

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You are a talented writer.

Most would not wear their hearts on their sleeves, in quite such a brash , yet very sensitivemanner.

It doesn't surprise me that you are a Canadian, as I am.

You have the means to be a great writer if you work at it more, a couple of things, well.... I would try not to always go for the 'obvious' choice in the ryhme.

It becomes boring for the reader, when you can always guess the next line. Sometimes better to forgo the occasional rhyme and interrupt the meter, to add mystery and more substance. New words will also take your thought process places it wouldn't have been going otherwise, thus opening more avenues for exploration. If you don't have, get a thesaurus, and a rhyming dictionary.

That is basically it.

Keep at it, poetry is something many have a knack for, but so few will take the time to explore. When I was younger i wrote incessantly, not so much these days, but I am old and boring now.

Keep up the great work.

Oh btw I live in B.C. in the Okanagan :thumbsup:.

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Great poems. They're simple, and very easy to understand and relate to, yet powerful at the same time. To be honest, some of your rhymes are a bit cheesy, but the poems still do an excellent job on putting your point across. If you want a tip, expand the vocab. of your poems. As Graieskye said, try not to choose the obvious rhyme. It's great, but with time you'll improve. :thumbup:


Did Metallica influence you at all? "Trust in me, as I trust in you" made me think of Nothing Else Matters "Trust I seek, and I find in you"

Also, Into The Dark reminded me of Fade to Black a lot. I write lyrics sometimes and I try to avoid Metallica beforehand because I always tend to add in their lyrics accidentally.

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Hah, well I guess they are similar in a way, but no, I didn't have anything Metallica related in mind. Everything was just written based on current events. I suppose those songs just related to what was going on in my life at that time. As I had written in my little narrative below, Into The Dark was based on a bad relationship between a friend and her ex. It's all in the eye of the beholder.. ohh wait that's a Metallica song too. I can't escape them! :lol:

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