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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. RuneScape Name:Hashbeen I need a member of:Black Arm Gang Quest:Heroes When I'll be on:later this evening/fairly often(PST timezone, I play late at night usually) World/Location:157 How to contact me:add me and give me a message, please allow a moment or two to reply, and if I don't reply soon, please re try. Thanks, - HB.
  3. Im not really surprised that people do not see this, the 5.00 loyal subscriber fee for what it is. It is such a lame 'cashgrab' as to be sad. Dont cancel your subscription, or well charge you an extra .90 to re sub. So People decline canceling, so they can keep their acct they never play open, so they can 'save' that .90 cents. I cannot believe how obtuse some people are. Honestly, you call yourselves intelligent, but fail to see the simple way you've been manipulated. Baaaahhhhhh Baaaaahhhh.
  4. Try'd most of your spots, all crowded :( Bandits, Skeletons, Cows, etc, all crowded like hell. Sometimes you just have to persevere, or not train, its up too you. It is not easy finding empty spots to train ever, but I wouldn't really call it hard work either, it just takes a bit of patience. Hop too a different world, keep hopping till you find one empty, I rarely have to hop more than 5 times.It takes all of ten minutes MAX, to hop to ten worlds, if you really want to train at decent areas, there is generally going to be someone else in the world with the same idea, so you learn to deal, or not train where you would like too, and train wherever everyone else doesn't.
  5. mmmm, posted a bit ago guess I forgot too hhit the button, anyhow. Yes I have talked to her many, many, many,many times, I have tried every option, I have tried no armor, no money, no weapon, different weapon, different armor, different amounts of money(?), multiple times. I just tried dropping the 1560 tokens I had, logging out, re earning 200 tokens, and trying again, just now, no luck, she says you have not tokens in your inventory, you will have to earn some tokens Okay.....just tried to clik on the F'n door, and she lets me in. WTF I am sure I have tried clicking the door last night ?? Oh well problem apparently solved. Thank you all.
  6. Alright, this is driving me crazy...lol. I know have just under 1600 tokens, I figure that is plenty to get a start on my quest for a RD. Alas if I could only get into fight the 'cyclopes'. I have posted in Tech Help on the Official Jagex RS Forums. Has no one ever heard of this happening, seems so odd ? Still hoping someone is going to figure it out, because I am stumped. Heeeeeeellllllllllllppppppppp me. Lol. -G.
  7. -xpx You would, because you dont know what I look like do you ? Do you carry around a book that you check before you rush into the fray to help the helpless, uh oh this guy doesn't understand runescape economics, too bad for his sorry ass. Sounds likely. What a stupid thing to say. PS: I don't pay with a credit card, and I pay 5.90 a month. Same as you, the fact that your countries currency is practically worthless isnt really Jagexs fault is it, they cant adjust for all the worthless currencies in the world can they ? So if you happen to live somewhere that the currency is worthless, ya you can end up paying a lot more than '6.00' a month. That's life.
  8. Arrgghhh, just logged out and back in, didnt do squat.....lol. I'm mystified, I just did the catapult/crossbow one, what a waste of time, and now I think I have done them all. But I have mainly done the armor fight, it is by far the best token earner. Guess Ill try tomorrow. Thanks for reply. -G.
  9. Okay I earned myself 1200 warriors guild tokens tonight, and a few days ago, and I take a trip to the top floor to go and take a crack at the Cyclops, and whats her name wont let me in, says I have no tokens ? I just earned 750, and had like a little over 450 of the tokens in my bank. I have done a variety of activites, not just one ? Do you have to try each activity, I dont think I have done each yet ? Guess I will try to log out and in, if that solves I will alert, but in the meantime, anyone ever hear of this ? -G
  10. Mmmm this is wierd, every link takes me to SwiftKits homepage. Anyone get this ?
  11. Yeah that 5 seconds, over six patches(farming patch)..ummmm, that is a half a minute, come on. If that annoys you to the point of distraction, its time for a break from RS, go outside, breath some fresh air. Go watch the news, maybe that 30 secs wont seem so life threatening after that.
  12. Don't herbs take 90 minutes to grow, which makes your calculation little more than a daydream ? When I do the math for snaps I get 17000 profit per patch, so unless they grow twice as fast as any other herb, Ill stick with Avantoes(30,000gp profit per patch) thanks.
  13. Its funny, often when I think of something, such as I wonder what herb others are farming to make the most money, Ill go tip it to find out! So the first thread on the page under the 'stuckies' is this. Life in so serendipitous at times. As soon as I could I started with Ranarrs, and made decent cash with them, but soon after running the numbers and gaining the ability to planes Avantoes I jumped on it and havent looked back. Was just doing the numbers again and checking, while my math can be highly suspect at the best of times, I think I got this correct. Seems the average falls around the low end of six. 6.3-6.4 herbs per patch seem average, so for the sake of easy math and safe margins, call it six herbs per patch with your 'Magic Secateurs' and Super C' each and every time you plant. Profit margins I get, not taking into account the Super C for the patch are as such for: Avantoe(available at lvl50): 30,715 gp. per patch Ranarr(available at lvl.32): 28,244 gp. Lantadyme(available at lvl.73): 25,320 gp. Only three herbs I know but I ran a few others and they weren't even close, these seem to be the contenders. Perhaps I am flawed and I missed some, totally possible, I smoke lots so sue me . Avantoe is the one of a few where the herb is worth more than the seed. Grow them make lots, have fun.
  14. Give it up dude, you lied, you got caught red faced, so the time has come to just cop too it. Well to be honest, exaggerated is probably a better way to put it, its no crime, but trying to talk your way out of it and explain away the statistically impossible results of your wee bit of farming just makes you look even more a fool. 15-18 average over three weeks......LOL. Never happen period. My records are pretty tame so far, 11 Rannars,12 Avantoes. I actually came here to Tip to ask for advice for getting max yield farming, but it seems I am maxing my yield, averags seem right in line with everyone elses(those of us tellin g the truth anyways....sorry couldn't resist one last lil digg) I did just have the SAME patch give me dead herbs for three plantings straight, so I expect some good things out of that patch in the nera future. Happy farming.
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