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Amma's Poem

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Amma's Poem


The end of days that lives within

Found its way out after all

The thing that grows under your skin

Knocks you to your knees and makes you crawl


We would all rather it us, not you

Anything to keep you here

No one could walk a mile in your shoes

Losing you is what we fear


Staying with you until the end

Never letting go

Prayers to god we do send

Love for you can only grow


One day the time has come

We will always remember

Sister, Daughter, Amma, Wife, Friend, and Mom

We will love you forever.




This was a sudden poem I made for my Amma (Icelandic for Grandma), when

I found she was dying of cancer. The time spent on it was short, and the words

were minimal, but the emotion was definitely there. I, nor my family can read it

without reaching tears.

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